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A Bit More Tame, A Bit Less Rape by Caught Ship

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In this, the first release for New Editions (a series of single artist releases curated by New Weird Australia), we present Melbourne’s CAUGHT SHIP and their 8-track EP ‘Start Dencing Dad, Start Dencing’. Following a split CDR (with WHYTE LIGHTNING) on Brisbane’s Bedroom Suck label and the Totem Tape release ‘What Does Water Need’, CAUGHT SHIP capture the wild, improvised spirit of their live appearances, editing recordings taken from four shows in Brisbane and Melbourne, and from their 2010 New Weird Australia show in Sydney. Re-sequenced, re-edited and re-contextualised, ‘Start Dencing Dad, Start Dencing’ is a visceral ride through the
lo-fidelity underworld of Caught Ship’s proto-electronic and authentic punk aesthetic. Tracks 1 & 6 Recorded in Brisbane, underneath Erin’s House by Glen Schenau, 31st December 2008Tracks 2 & 5 Recorded in Melbourne, live at ‘Scray Studio, 2010Tracks 3 & 8 Recorded in Sydney at St Petersburg Warehouse by New Weird Australia, 27th March 2010Tracks 4 & 7 Recorded in Brisbane at Lofly Hangar by Brendan Eales for TurnItUpTo10! Blog, 13th March 2010



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