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Music of Children and Teachers- Eastern Uganda July 2015

Album Description

I was fortunate enough to get to spend the first part of a three week trip to Uganda in a beautiful rural region of the country, thanks to my partner's work with a local primary school. The Arlington Academy of Hope stands as something of a miracle in a region
otherwise impoverished, though rich in agriculture. Since the school is funded by private donors stateside and started by two Ugandans who now live in Arlington, Va., it receives excellent teachers who churn out brilliant students, 100% of whom go on to secondary school. Its outreach programs have ensured nearby schools benefit from its success as well. More amazingly, during the days we spent there, the school had brought in an instrument maker/repairman, so the school was littered with traditional instruments. Of course, as you will hear from these recordings, none of the people who played them really knew how. It was almost hilarious, being surrounded by adungus, endingidi's balafons, etc, yet not finding anyone who could play them. At least not yet. So these recordings feature a 10 minute assembly dance and drum performance, several songs by a young student with endingidi backing from one of the teachers, the music teacher playing a bit of sanza, the instrument craftsman playing the adungu, and even several minutes of the kids having a free for all with piles of instruments that the school was fortunate enough to have acquired. It was later that week beofre I heard some more seasoned players, but these recordings were an exciting start and part of one of the most fantastic travel experiences I've ever had.



Music of Children and Teachers- Eastern Uganda July 2015
UPLOADED: 11/22/2015

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