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Liquid Sunlight

Album Description

Following Brevyn's single release on Vulpiano Records for Netlabel Day 2018, 'Sea Cave / Indigo' ( comes a re-release of their delightfully summery 'Liquid Sunlight' album, complete with bonus tracks ("Drinking the Dream", "Dark Depths") and an updated track order. More about 'Liquid Sunlight' From Brevyn: Liquid Sunlight was inspired
by synth/sequencer-based new age of the 80s and early 90s like Vangelis, Spencer Nilsen [mostly his work on the Sega CD Ecco The Dolphin music] & Suzanne Ciani. Since this sort of music is often dismissed as pure cheese I wanted to contrast that presumption by emphasizing it’s more mysterious edges. This is not to say I think it can’t be good or effective without that sort of twist. But I also just wanted to explore that particular nostalgic yet haunting feeling certain pieces by say, Emerald Web or Vangelis captured really beautifully. You know, the twinkle of synth bells / flute in an old fantasy animation’s credits roll, which became strangely eerie as time went by and/or as the VHS got wonky. Even the way some 90s weather channel music sounds could apply. I felt sunsets were another thing I came to associate with this feeling, hence the one in the cover. I wanted to evoke a lost paradise, one surrounded by colorful nature with something sinister at work. The genuine beauty I heard in these songs and the motivation to create something similar myself - and without irony - are big parts of what led me to make this album. Bandcamp - Soundcloud - Tumblr - Twitter -  



Liquid Sunlight
01. Brevyn - Orange Eventide 00:03:28
03. Brevyn - Siren's Call 00:02:36
04. Brevyn - Moonbow 00:03:05
05. Brevyn - Tranquil Bay 00:04:12
07. Brevyn - Dark Depths 00:06:43
08. Brevyn - Sounding Echo 00:02:31
09. Brevyn - Melting Pearls 00:02:30
10. Brevyn - Waterwalk 00:02:12
UPLOADED: 08/25/2018
LISTENS: 27356

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