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Kondi Kondula by Brazda

Album Description


Brazda performing at the 2012 Golden Festival on the Atrium stage.


Brazda is a New York-based Balkan band that plays fresh arrangements of traditional repertoire from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, and beyond.

Genre: Eastern European/ Balkan 

Members: Shelley Thomas- vocals, Willa Roberts- vocals, Connell Thompson- clarinet, Jordan Shapiro- accordion, Francesco Marcocci- bass, Ivajlo Kuchev- tapan, Rami El Asser- doumbek, Oksana Rosenblum- daf

Song Translations:

1. Sto Imala K'smet Stamena
Stamena's mother fell ill, and asked for cold water. Stamena gathered the jugs and went to the well to fill them with cold water. On the way, she passed by the center of the village, where the young boys were dancing, with Stujan leading the line.

2. Bacho Nikola
"Why are you pacing around the yard, brother Nikola, looking up at the Balkan mountains, towards the two beech trees, towards the well?" "How can I not look, oh sister Lalke? There my band is waiting, loyal and united. They've lit a fire and slaughtered a ram and are waiting for me to bring news from the golden city of Kalofer. It's better for one mother to cry, than for twelve mothers to cry, sister Lalke." "Oh brother Nikola, great sorrow; brother Nikola, mother's tragedy."

3. Kondi Kondula
There is a short little girl in the neighborhood over there who has black eyes and curly hair. Her mother scolds her. "Why are you scolding me, mother? I'll tell you who was kissing me!"

4. a. Sedenkya Se Sbira
A sedenka is getting together
Oh Vela, you young girl. 
All young girls came
only Vela is not there.

4b. Sviri Neno:
Neno plays 
at festivals during the day
at festivals during the day 
and at sedenkas at night

4c. Nishnu Se Zvezda:
A star came down
in trouble, fair red-cheeked pretty girl
A star came down
It was not a star
It was a young girl
The girl is running
In trouble, fair red-cheeked pretty girl
Running and screaming

5. Yiati Foumaro Kokaini
Where is my beauty? 
Where are my good looks? 
In Athens, there was none other like me.
I was a doll, truly
With great elegance
And I tell you stories
of a crazy life!
I got caught up with a rascal
A crafty one
He took everything I had and left me.
My heart, my youth, my money
And for my heartache, I smoke cocaine.
I was loved by young and old
I spent my beautiful life
with songs and wine
each day carefree.
What a golden life I had.
And now what a poor thing I am
turned withered
Destroyed because he left me
That crazy rascal, cocaine smoker
For my troubles, now I smoke cocaine.


6. Zheni Se Sine
Get married son, get married
While I'm still able, son
To look after your small children
To enjoy having grandchildren
Don't talk to me like that, mother
Don't make me angry
You know what you did, mother
To seperate me from Nevena

Get married, son, get married
Your mother needs joy too
I can't watch your hairs growing gray
Don't talk to me like that, mother
You separated me from Nevena

I can't watch, son, your friends
With their young brides and
Holding their young children's hands
Don't talk to me like that, mother
Don't make me angry 
You know what you did, mother
To separate me from Nevena.

Here's Nevena coming
With a bunch of flowers in hand
She gave it to Velko's mother
She bowed to her
Marry her, son, so you have a good wife
May you have a lot of children
And make me happy in old age.


7. Zaigrale Mamo Devojcinja
Lasses start to dance, mama
Lasses, woman, peasant girls
Daring Mitra is leading the round dance
The master's housekeepers
A little bunny dances
She's dancing a dance
Shes leading us
Her white face, mama
Her honey lips, she blushed
She dances like a butterfly
She moves her body like a partridge
She looks with her black eyes
She smiles to me with her honey mouth
Here came all the bachelors, mother
They are looking to the daring Mitra
Those who look at her
Wish with desire.
Do it, give me in marriage mama
Give me in marriage, woman, let me settle down 
to married life
To take her, the daring Mitra

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03. Kondi Kondula (04:15)

Track Info

There is a short little girl in the neighborhood over there who has black eyes and curly hair. Her mother scolds her. "Why are you scolding me, mother? I'll tell you who was kissing me!"
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