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Invitation to an Emergency (Deluxe edition) by Brakhage

Album Description

picture by André Guérette

BRAKHAGE is Beat Oven, Futurewife, Lieutenant Freebase & Dream Boogie Beats.

Vocals: Beat Oven 

track 4 features Ibou

track 5 features David Kunstatter 

tracks 1,6 & 7 feature Diamond Girl




Invitation to an Emergency (Deluxe edition)

Invitation to an Emergency (Deluxe edition) by Brakhage is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.
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Multi The Killer on 09/20/17 at 03:59AM
Hello, I am wondering if I would be able to write to your beats and then upload them onto my YouTube. I will put "(Prod: Brakhage) I do not own the beat" and I'll say "non-commercial" or anything that wants me to put. I am going through the website downloading all the beats but I can't do anything with them till I find out the rules of the creature's first.

These are the beats I've downloaded so far, I made a list:

40th Mantra: Brakhage
Le Vrai: Brakhage
No Coincidence: Brakhage
The Strike: Brakhage

Now which beats can I put onto YouTube and which beats do you want me to not. And which beats am I able to record my rhymes over and which ones am I not. My Twitter is Multi The Killer or @JSnell20138 if wants to talk on there about it. But, I will follow all the rules for all the beats, but I need to know what all the rules are for them. Have a good day/night/weekend.
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