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Say No More (Volume 1) - 1 by Bob Ostertag

Album Description

Released:November 30th, 2011

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'Say No More' Volume 1

by Bob Ostertag.

Originally released separately as Say No More (1993) and Say No More in Person (1994). Re-issued in MVORL limited edition in 2002. With Joey Baron (percussion), Mark Dresser (bass), Gerry Hemingway (percussion) and Phil Minton (voice). Assembled on computer from fragments of solo improvisations. [Seeland 521]

Ostertag writes:

I began the Say No More project by asking each player to record solo improvisations, separately, with no communication with each other nor instruction from me. I then took the resulting tapes and, using a digital editing system, broke the solos into fragments and assembled a "band" piece by piece from the splinters. The resulting tape became the first Say No More cd (1993), including the compositions Say No More and Tongue-Tied. This is probably the first group in the history of music to release a cd without having played a note together, or even met.

I then created a highly unorthodox score of these compositions I had created on the computer using the solo improvisations as sources. I gave both the parts and the computer-generated tape back to the musicians, instructing them to learn their parts. The result was Say No More as a performance ensemble, and the Say No More in Person cd, recorded in October 1993 at ORF-Vienna. It features the compositions from the first cd, but in their transformed, concert rendition.


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