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My name is Chris Winters better known by my artist name, Big Marsh. I’m an Emcee, Dancer, Producer, and just started Djing, I’m also part of a performance troop at AS220 called Zu Krewe. I love anything and everything that comes with performing. There’s nothing better than being able to
rap over a beat I create. I started writing back in 2007 because I like rap music and I like rapping myself. The reason why I started Emceeing is because I felt like it was a way to get my thoughts and feelings expressed without having to just sit down and talk to somebody. I never liked doing that. I felt like ”what’s the point”? You talk to one person and they might not even know what you are going through but you speak your mind to multiple people someone is bound to say “you know what, I know exactly what this guy is talking about”. Then, maybe they could use my words to help get them through the same situation. If they haven’t already been through it, they can use my words the next time. As I stated I’m into rap music and R&B. You’re probably wondering who are some of my favorite artists in the game. I have several. My all time favorite would have to be Nas but I like Wu-tang, Redman, Method man, Trey Songz, Fabolous, Tupac, Biggie, Snoop, Run DMC, and too more much to get into. These are my top 10. When it comes to dancing I mainly like krumping and hip hop dance steps but if youo give me a dance step to any style of music I’ll learn it quickly. I would have to sat Nas inspired me to really start writing. I remember the first Nas song I heard “Gave You Power”. This song he talks as though he is a gun and actually makes you invision it. I remember I had said “daaamn this guy really has me picturing the whole concept of being a gun”. He basically showed me that there was a way to get a point across without having to sit down and preach to someone. Nas is who inspires me as an Emcee. As far as Producing goes, Dre is who got me into that part. He made all his beats for his artist and most of them were hot. When I came to AS220 I met Plan B and I liked all his beats too so I decide to try it. As far as dancing I wasn’t really too into it like I am now before I came to AS220 and met Anjel. She really inspired me to start dancing. I saw her dance and thought I want to dance like that. Don’t get me wrong I danced playing around or in the club but nothing serious. I got interested in Djing due to Dj Therion I saw him spinning and it seemed cool so I wanted to give it a try. I hope that my music helps me share my own personal experiences. I also want to get my name in peoples head so if they need help in a situation that I rap about let me help them by them coming to me. I just want people to know and like my words I put across for people. Hopefully those going through similar situations be inspired to pull through their own.