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Horizontal Drift by Jared C. Balogh

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"Horizontal Drift"
"Horizontal Drift"
Jared C. Balogh November 2013 musical/compositional interpretation of American artist Paul Maxwell's painting "Horizontal Drift". Jared C. Balogh: Paul Maxwell:   Paul Maxwell Artist Statement on painting "Horizontal Drift": Titling my paintings is often a challenge - especially if the painting is non-figurative and I have made no conscious
allusions to objects or events outside of the painting (in other words, the painting has no illustrational content). Consider the case of my painting titled “Horizontal Drift”: though the title is intriguing and a careful examination of its design reveals several horizontal bands of varying definition, I no longer recall why I chose to use the words horizontal and drift in the title. I have used the word “drift” in the title’s of other works (“Asian Drift”, for instance). A title’s primary function is to identify the painting for inventory and accounting purposes. A number would probably work just as well although words can be useful in giving a hint as to the artist’s intentions. I prefer not to dictate too much meaning, letting the viewers find their own. What could the word “drift” possibly mean in the title of this non-figurative painting? I consulted my dictionary and found a few exciting possibilities but I have decided to live with not knowing, exactly, and letting my imagination do what it will. Paul Maxwell   Artist’s Statement   The Music of Jared C. Balogh — titled:  "Horizontal Drift"   Before I acquired the Paul Maxwell painting titled, “Horizontal Drift”, I was in a dry spell for over a month with my composing.   However, once the shipment of my Maxwell painting arrived at my home, and as I unwrapped it, and was able to spend some alone time studying it more closely — a magnificent rush of many great feelings overcame me.  I was instantly inspired to compose something.    I composed the song structure and emotions according to the colors, shapes, lines, patterns and sections of the painting.  Prior to my doing this, I had asked Maxwell’s Agent what instruments Mr. Maxwell preferred.     In the painting there are a lot of solid black dots, that represented the beginning of the song with the violin and cello playing pizzicato (plucking technique) and the acoustic guitar playing a harmonic pizzicato technique ... creating a lively and exciting intro.     I composed the song in (4) sections because the painting has (4) sections (white top, white with dots, orange with dots and black bottom).  The colors and shades are black, white, orange, yellow and one green dot.  I used those colors as the emotions of the song — animato (fun and lively), espressivo (expressive) and fuoco (passion).   Often times, when I see or talk about the painting "Horizontal Drift”,  I find it amazing that the artist was already in his mid—80s when he created this contemporary work of art.  To me it is "MIND BLOWING” … to think that at that age you can still be active, sharp, inspirational, creative, productive, highly intelligent etc...  It is TRULY INSPIRING and MOTIVATING!   —Jared C. Balogh    



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