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Album Description

Released:July 9th, 2013
Producer: Jared C. Balogh

Jared C. Balogh "For The Risk Of Everything" 9 Song Album Avant-Jazz

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Reviews: "This record immediately caught my attention with the opening "Trumpet Swagger", and set me up for both an artful and playful ride. The choice instruments play off of each other effortlessly. The cascading piano on "Keeping it Crisp" having a peaceful dual with a clarinet for supremecy. It's all sublime. Even on the "taps"-like "Patient Soul", you immediately feel a change in the weather, but it's still only partly cloudy with a chance of rain. You feel every sweet drop of marimba falling on the leaves and distant rooftops. FOR THE RISK OF EVERYTHING's closing track, "Trying to Find My Path", plays like a train coming into the station. You get the feeling the tour is coming to an end, but you're left with the conclusion that "it" definitely had a path all it's own. This is a fun record that has a peaceful heart and a yearning to take the inspired listener on a scenic, joy-filled ride, wherever you want it to take you".- CHRS NAVATIER "Wow I love the whole album"-Cece Chapman "Finally A Fresh Fragrance of originality blesses my ears, Jared Balogh once again slides easily to the forefront of a must-listen to album packed with excitement, originality and most of all interesting!" -ProTEC!ous INTEREST* “For the Risk of Everything,” the debut commercial release by composer Jared Balogh, is a compilation of nine neo-jazzy, body rocking tunes. Set off by the first cut, “Trumpet Swagger” Balogh’s artful composition builds with simple notes of ascension that evolve into a full-on groove that will have you swaying before you even catch onto the fact you’ve been summoned into his “swagger.” And the composer never lets up from there. Balogh’s second track, “Bernadine,” is a sultry fantasy serenade that, like “Patient soul” which comes later, plays up Balogh’s unique interplay of sounds wedged in meter, imitating a range of emotions—a mark of his craft, technically masterful and rhythmically efficient, yet dead on. The album ends, appropriately, with “Trying to Find My Path,” a cool down track with a meditative feel—Balogh’s signature style of a tidy wrap-up. “For the Risk of Everything” is a wonderful sampling of Balogh’s musical range—through I suspect it’s just that—a sampling of where this artist will take us in his next release.-Kyleelise Holmes Thomas "Jared C Balogh's music is quite puzzling. Avantgarde easy-listening. Am I hearing jazz? Classical? Loops? Carefully disguised beats? I've yet to work out quite how he does it. I've listened to a lot of Jared's music. It's easy to listen to, but perhaps not so easy to understand at once. It sometimes sounds random, but it's not. Inescapably, there is a guiding intelligence. I love music that steps over the edge like this and yet still sounds beautiful. It leaves me in a contented frame of mind. I wondered if this was simply a Pavlovian response to 'classical' phrases, but I don't think so. I've never cared for free-form jazz much....don't really care much for anything called 'jazz' after 1945....Beiderbeck has me swaying and tapping, Miles Davis or Dave Brubeck leave me cold. I mention this 'cos Jared names those 2 as primary influences here, and I am ill-equipped to comment, not knowing their music. I do know some of the 20C classical composers that inspired them, so where some might hear jazz, I'll hear Shostakovich. But Jared's music isn't that either. This album sometimes has me thinking of ELP, particularly a handful of phrases that are reminiscent of Pictures At An Exhibition (their jazz/rock version, even though the sparse instrumentation harks back to Mussorgsky). Of course, ELP were influenced by all those named, typically of 21stC music, this album's influences are numerous and uncategorisable. Actually, for now, I choose to think I'm listening to deconstructed repetitive beat dance music. The beats are the bones, the piano, strings and horns the skin. You know....Music. Jared told me he thinks this album is his most "mainstream/listener friendly". That's another thing I'm not equipped to comment upon...but neither is he, I reckon. It's very pleasant to have on in the back ground, and leaves a good feeling. To actually listen it, to pay attention and trust the author, is rewarding. I recommend listening a few times, in different contexts, before thinking you appreciate what's going on here. If you want the highlights; 'Bernadine' is the single. 'Patient Soul' is subtle but worth listening to carefully. 'The Jamming Of Breakfast Blend' is clever and rather funny. The Recording Artist Formally Know As Listen With Sarah said; "it's good for the brain....could possibly cure sickness".-Peter Nelson (Womb Records, Dandelion Radio) "Jared Balogh’s ‘FOR THE RISK OF EVERYTHING’ is a nine track album of very original contemporary compositions . Jared’s musical language is an eclectic mixture of avant-garde, free jazz and minimalism; a tasty combination of elements flowing freely and imaginatively, all in perfect harmony with each other, forming a stream of musical sounds not heard before." -Jukka-Pekka Kervinen "Jared Balogh shows us that the long-forgotten art of jotting music down in actual scores via traditional notation can be as forward-thinking and powerful as designing sounds and playing with them.This album is a monument to a unique compositional voice, stylistically blending hymns, jazz, minimalism, rock into something completely distinct and unique.It's organic , it slowly builds itself into a uniified whole and it grows on the listener, rewarding him/her with 47 minutes of sheer beauty unadulterated by any petty present-day musical concerns "-Igor Jovanovic Video Patient Soul from Jared C. Balogh on Vimeo.


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