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Recorded at Wukir's house in Yogyakarta in November 2014. "Senyawa" is Wukir and Rully, both based in Yogya but more and more they are touring the world. They've played in Australia, China, and much of Europe. I'm really hoping to get them to America some day. They're the best.  On
these recordings Rully sings while Wukir plays a wide variety of his handmade sculptural instruments. Many of them are made from bamboo, strings, electronic pick-ups, found objects and farm equipment. I'm singing, playing the bass clarinet and the "alat guntur" which is a bass clarinet mouthpiece attached to various lengths of PVC tubing.  Recorded and mixed by Joseph Lamont, mastered by Nicholas Taplin.  PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch one of the countless videos on youtube of Senyawa's live performances! This documentary by Vincent Moon is an excellent introduction!  There's also a great interview with them, conducted by Julian Bonequi, here.