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Boss of Goth by Argumentix

Album Description

from James' website: "This is the first album I wish to be remembered by. Recorded through a bleak year of my life, 2006, Boss of Goth is an album of power-mourning, demon-fighting and vengeance-fucking. Trapped inside despair over the death of true love, childhood, and joy, I have always clung
voraciously to a promise of a better tomorrow. I finished this album in March of 2007 and held on to it until now to make sure I would still love it enough to make 500 of them.Boss of Goth includes industrial punk and pop style songs with occasional fleeting dance beats and bursts of harsh noise. Vocals are the central focus, creating sweet pop ballads and lurking creep-stalker punk melt-downs. A variety of microphone processing accompanying sequencers, drum machines, and tons and tons of manipulated cassette tapes. Twisted collage journeys and quick punches to the throat. A fitting comparison perhaps: To Live and Shave in LA meets Nine Inch Nails, with the spirits of Edward Ka-Spel, Suckdog, and bedroom four track. Includes 6 songs that have appeared regularly in live performances. Oh yeah, and I play piano on the last track.Album includes two hidden bonus tracks. The first a live performance caught at the end of my "temper tantrum approach" to harsh noise performance. The second is Dragging an Ox Through Water (aka Brian Mumford) singing a cover of my song "Save Life's Golden Receipt in Case Refund Needed." Both were recorded at Someday Lounge by Ryan Olson.CD comes with a 12 page booklet with lyrics. Cover art by Brian Mumford.Recorded 2006released June 23 2008"



01. Argumentix - Boss of Goth 00:02:24

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COMPOSER: James Squeaky