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Lose Your Head by Apache Tomcat

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All songs recorded between June-October 2018 in Jonny's garge except "Moth Man" which was recorded at Attilla and Santiago's house and "Blanca" which was recorded at the Tunder Kief practice space at Music Lab when I was a teacher.  Blanca features Jed Rodriguez on Bass and Guitar The New Normal featutes Ruby Hovious on bass, keyboard, and Vocals Moth Man features Andy Traugott on drums and lead guitar and Ernie White on vocals Efficacy also features Andy Traugott on drums More of it features Robert Oaks on vocals and Josh Sosa on Vocals and lead guitar Lose Your Head features
Ruby Hovious on Vocals All other playing and singing was done by Alex Ramirez and Tyler Greg Jonny Hovious All songs recorded by Alex and Jonny



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Lose your head
Lose your mind
Are you killing yourself, or just killing time

Lose your girl
lose your guy
Now you got no one to dance with, but that's alright
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