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Live at the 2011 Golden Festival: Ansambl Mastika by Ansambl Mastika

Album Description


Ansambl Mastika bring the "New Balkan Uproar / Original Eastern European Music" to the Golden Festival's Grand Ballroom Stage at Grand Prospect Hall, January 15th 2011!

Nova Zemja
The title means New Land in Macedonian. I began writing the song when I was on tour in Germany with the Hungry March Band. I was killing time during a sound check at a club in Munich called Neuland. This is what eventually came of that. It's a Bulgarian dance called a rutchenitsa. Bulgarian playing is a very virtuosic and very flashy, not at all typical of my playing style, so as I was writing this I felt like I was exploring an entirely new realm of playing, musically a New Land.

Memede Zlatna Ptica
Memede is a kind of Macedonian dance. Zlatna ptica means golden bird in Macedonian. This tune is named for the golden bird that used to fly out of my saxophone on the band's old website. It was beautiful website, and totally impractical for me to use, especially since the designer/webmaster lives in Skopje, Macedonia.

Pesna bez Zborovi/More Tri Godini
This is a medley of an original tune called Pesna bez Zborovi (Song without Words in Macedonian) and a traditional Macedonian tune called More Tri Godini (My Dear, Three Years). The words of the traditional song say:

My dear, three years ago
I strolled to Istanbul
my fragrant lamb, my dark bird
And I earned myself
three thousand (dollars, grosche, denars?)
With the first thousand
I bought myself a horse
With the second thousand
I bought myself a house
With the third thousand
I will come for you

Franklin'in Karsilamasi
This is a Turkish/Romany dance called a karsilama. This one is named for Franklin Ave, the street in Brooklyn where I recently put down roots with my girlfriend.

Greg Squared - sax and vocals
Ben Syversen - trumpet
Matthew Fass - accordion
Joey Weisenberg - guitar
Reuben Radding - bass
Matt Moran - percussion
Rima Fand - vocals on More Tri Godini



Live Performance

Live at the 2011 Golden Festival: Ansambl Mastika

Live at the 2011 Golden Festival: Ansambl Mastika by Ansambl Mastika is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
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