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LOCATION:Pawtucket, RI
  • Addalessons: The Rhode Show
  • The Growth Project: The Rhodeshow
  • Handel IT or Be Defeated: Delgado Studio
  • My BiPoLar BEauTy Volume 1
Power of WordzGUTTERFLY CREW Gutterfly Crew is an all female hip hop collaborative that seeks to teach and understand the world and ones self through performance art. Our style of music is influenced by everything from old school break beats, reggae,electro, r&b/soul,bollywood, punk and alternative rock. The term GUTTERFLY breaks
down into two simple meanings- first being an artists ability to make something (fly) out of nothing (gutter) and secondly the daily grind and hustle of artist.The self motivating mantra " I gotta fly" is spoken in the minds an hearts of all artist, mothers and go-getters of the world. We believe in the power of words and there ability to shape and shift the reality in which we live. "I gotta fly, I'm gonna fly, I'm GUTTERFLY"Anjelly Nice aka Aahnyx BlaqMost people know me as Anjelly or Jelly..I'm 23 years old..knew from day one that me and the stage were emcee, dancer, teacher, artist but first and foremost a mother..Jaiden Daevon and Iycii Rahzel, mommy loves u..Performance Coordinator at AS220 Youth in two albums with my old crew the Rhodeshow and am currently working on my solo mixtape..Bout to drop when I get the courage to isolate myself from the world..Flizz of WHO DEM is my idol and mentor..uda best homie!! I love my big brother Darius aka Barz more than life itself he's my heart n soul TILL THE END, regardless of the rain.. My mama, lil bro n right hand chica and fashionable sister Ambz are my all.. I love n miss all my other lil sisters n bothers on the west coast..I'm into to making 4 thingz; moves,money,music and change..Other than that I'm a cool kid with larger than life dreams and not enough time in the day..

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