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 AmortE (2 Albums, 19 Tracks)


Hekte Zaren
LOCATION:Kraków, Poland / Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Hekte Zaren
It seems that I started to write lyrics, blasphemous and occult poems in '94 ....than i just couldn't write anymore,until I start to sing... first it was something between blasphemy,profanation,or a black prayers in lyrics with a soprano and alt vocals....than i started to fall in some kind of
trance during the the vocals changed into screams,hisses,growling,vibrant soprano and other sounds,that i cannot name.... First i was collaborating with some bands from the area....but finally i decided to record by myself... then I created AmortE project... .so i was recording vocal in the strongholds,in the tunnels under the ground,on the cemeteries,in the haunted music is a ritual....the sounds that i took are the parts of what I've already done... Than I just came,or have been found by others like I start the collaboration with TOMB,Black Albatross,Panther Modern,Norss/Ulv,Fonnia/Victorianna,and some other bands...but this page is not only about that... My music is working under the consciousness,from where it is coming...i create it with the great help of Those who many of you used to call:the Dead... My music is for Them,I am for Them,and you will be for Them too. Enjoy. - Hekte Zaren