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Take No Prisoners by Alone in 1982

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front cover
front cover
Dead Bees records label sampler #10 "DIX" Label Sampler #10 - April 2011 Originally due on 10/10/10, our tenth sampler got a bit delayed. We are sorry about that. This new compilation tracks were gathered last summer for an early batch, and some others were recently added over the past weeks. This very long process got us more tracks than we could include on a single CD, so we had to put some of them aside. This means we already have material ready for sampler #11! This music is to be shared under the terms of a Creative Commons license.
Spread this record, make copies of it, and give them away. We will also post it onto various websites, file sharing portals, and non-profit free music, such as or and more... Our new track providers include: FEDERALE (Portland, Or), THE RUSTY BELLS (Toulouse, Fr), OSTRICH TUNING (Toronto, On), PETE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (Portland, Or), THE COBBLESTONES (Paris, Fr), GEORGE (Paris, Fr), TREASURE MAPS (New York, NY), THE DEAD MANTRA (Le Mans, Fr). Most of these artists' records are or will be available from our mail-order. Visit for latest release news, shopping, MP3s and feedback.



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