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Various Extras by Abishai

Album Description

Released:February 6th, 2017

Abishai - Various Extras (VULP-0091)

Abishai's Various Extras is the successor to the artist's self-released Various Successes and Failures and his debut on Vulpiano Records. As with Successes and FailuresVarious Extras is an instrumental adventure through a kaleidoscope of genres, including ambient, industrial, noise, and drone. A wide array of textures are conveyed through these experiments in style; dip into the mixed bag and see what piques your interest.

—Additional Information—

Track 4 recorded on May 26, 2016

Track 9 recorded on January 3, 2016

Track 12 recorded on February 3, 2017

Track 13 recorded on December 21, 2016


Abishai - Electric Guitar, Amplifier, Acoustic Guitar, Tapes, Drum Machine, Various Objects

Abishai is an experimental artist who likes to explore timbres and textures of different instruments and non-instruments. He does guitar, turntables, vocals, and other instruments for the joke group and bizarre art collective, Cowz II.

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