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via AAAHH Records: Some time last year (or was it the year before?) we were kind of tired of just being a netlabel, a virtual label. Also most of our artists we knew only on a digital, virtual basis. That’s a shame, we thought. We wanted to change that and
not only meet all these wonderful people whose music we put in the interwebs, but also bring them together. So we came up with this crazy idea of renting a house somewhere nice, inviting all of them to come and bring their instruments and spend a week jamming, recording and getting to know us and each other. It took us almost a year to put this idea into practice. In September 2011 we finally did it. Most of the aaahh records family made it to our cosy residence and it was a wonderful week in a country that we renamed into Denmaaahhrk for a week. As a result of this week (that we as a label spent with cooking, cleaning and being wonderful moms and dads) our artists created 15 songs, that we offer you not only as a free download, but also on a limited vinyl look CD that comes in a handmade digipack. We attached two photographs to each CD and the first 20 CDs come with a mini DVD that features two videos we made during the week. We hope that this compilation somehow reflects this wonderful week we had and we hope that you like it as much as we do. We also hope that you feel like supporting this project, because we want to do this again, maybe even this fall in 2012. One big house, one full week of music, one wonderful compilation.