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cheyenne_h on 01/22/2015 at 10:33AM

Nab Your Fifteen Seconds of Fame!

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At the Free Music Archive, our waveforms come in all shapes and sizes – and we like it that way. We know you're using a lot of our music in your short & feature-length films... but what about the super-short ones you're cranking out? In this age of six-second videos, microblog entries and trending videos of miniature Asian cuisine, we find we’re struggling to keep up when it comes to the musical small stuff. So, for the next few weeks, we’ll be taking entries for the Free Music Archive’s first ever microSong Challenge

Get your tiny instruments together (or oversized ones, or ones that are juuuust right), grab a recording device, and add your itty bitty masterpiece(s) to our collection! Every microSong will be licensed under a Creative Commons Zero license so that it can be freely used by anyone in a video, remix, extraordinarily brief performance art piece, or whatever else they may choose.

So, do you have a few seconds? Help us come up short! Songs can't exceed fifteen (15) seconds in length!

The Challenge begins on January 26th & runs through February 20th. 

SUBMIT YOUR MICROSONG HERE! (login to FMA & click the "Submit" button at the top of the page)

Need more inspiration? 

A long list of words that mean short:

small, little, tiny, teeny, petite, diminutive, stubby, elfin, dwarfish, Lilliputian, minuscule, miniature, pint-sized, wee, concise, brief, succinct, compact, summary, economical, crisp, pithy, epigrammatic, laconic, thumbnail, abrupt, abridged, abbreviated, condensed, synoptic, summarized, contracted, truncated, momentary, temporary, impermanent, fleeting, passing, fugitive, lightning, transitory, transient, ephemeral, quick.

or, y'know, this video: 


microsong challenge


keshcology on 01/25/15 at 06:04PM
Hello! Two questions: Is there a time limit on microsong entries? Also, how should we submit entries to be considered? Do we just upload like usual, or do you need a tag in there?
cheyenne_h on 01/26/15 at 05:51PM
Hi! Yeah, head over to and if you're logged in you'll see a 'submit' button! Good luck!
jorgemariozuleta on 01/26/15 at 08:42PM
(Heavy breathing)
doctorno on 02/20/15 at 11:16PM
Hi there,

Just to let you know that I submitted a track called "13 Notes" like 30 minutes ago. As I could not see it on the playlist just after reloading the page, I submitted it again with a 256Kb bit rate, in case there was an issue related to that. You might get then 2 same tracks.
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