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About Public School Records

Public School Records

Yes, we are a record label now. 

At first (1999ish) we were just a name that Zachary (Coolzey) Lint scrawled or typed onto the photo-copied, scissor-cut covers of burned CD-Rs and dubbed cassette tapes full of indie rock and hip hop home recordings to be shared amongst friends and residents of Iowa City, Iowa.

Around 2004 we began manufacturing a few short runs of vinyl and actual CDs with the shrink-wrap and everything for a few friends (or maybe just The Rhombus and Coolzey) when we had the scratch. Just some merch for tours, nothing more.

In 2009 Public School Records attempted legitimacy of some sort by setting up an office in Fairfield, Iowa. Zach hired Jason Hennesy (Miracles of God, Tuff Jerks) on as full time spiritual advisor. During this time many more albums were released (Bru Lei, Lipstick Homicide, Petit Mal) and the ill-fated (it's an Indonesian porn site now?) psrecords-dot-net existed. Zach moved to LA to try to make a horror movie.

In July of 2015 our friends at Fake Four Inc helped to facilitate global distribution through Redeye.

When he signed Copwrite to release his 4th official album (dropping 6/12/2016), Zachary realized it was time to start an LLC to handle the accounting and stuff.

It's super fun to write about yourself in the third person.


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