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About Dharmasound

PLAYLISTS CREATED:0 is a no-profit Italian netlabel which publishes on the web musical works released under Creative Commons Licenses. was born in September 2005 and now has a catalogue of over 30 titles of albums, ep, compilations of international artists available for free download in digital audio format along with the printable cover arts.

The network offers us the possibility to reach almost every corner of the globe where someone has a computer connected to internet. is not focalized in a particular musical genres, but has a catalogue of various musical styles. From more experimental music to orchestral music, through to pop music, rock and electronic stuff.

Our goal is to give back dignity and value to the art setting it free from the ties of markets and logic of business.

We want to be freedom of expression, freedom of diffusion, freedom of distribution.

Dharma is the heart of things, their true essence.
We love music written with the heart, that touches the heart.
We love night with its lights and its mysteries.
We love music which describes night, which is part of it.
We love opposites, contrasts that always lead to balance.
Clear and dark. Heart and mind. Everything and nothing.

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