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Maybe Mars / 兵马司 is an independent CD label that was started in the summer of 2007 to promote, identify and support talented young Chinese musicians and artists. Our current catalogue already includes many of China’s exciting, new and ground-breaking bands and musicians: Carsick Cars, P.K.14, Joyside, Snapline, Demerit, SMZB, White, The Gar, Ourself Besides Me, 24 Hours, AV Okubo, DiKuAi, Guai Li, The Gar, Xiao He, Hot & Cold, Traveller, etc….  Our focus is on making the best recordings of what we strongly believe are among the best bands in the country. (via

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Originally a label, now a community of musicians and their various projects.

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So yeah a freemp3s net label website  . more ...

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The Third Coast International Audio Festival (TCF) was founded in 2000 as a part of Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ–FM. After eight great years, the festival became its own non-profit arts organization in the summer of 2009. Since its inception, the TCF has celebrated and supported producers and other artists making compelling, relevant, and innovative audio documentary work of all styles; and has worked to bring this fresh and vital work to audiences throughout the world. (read more)

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Thanks for visiting Happy Puppy Records! more ...

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a New York City netlabel specializing in unusual and experimental music. Tracks are posted on the last Tuesday of the month, with texts and graphic art, and are available as mp3s, and occasionally FLAC files, for free download.(FLAC files from WBR 03 to WBR 27 are available for purchase through more ...

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After 10 years traveling the far reaches of the globe with the Radon Collective, Mackay and family launched this new project to release his solo masterpiece, "Sometimes Like This I Talk" and his collaborartion with USS, "Machine Gun"  A 7" version with tracks from both artists is also available.

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France's BEKO Digital Singles Label releases a new free single every Monday, along with the occasional "beko-box" and full-length treat more ...

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DIY label startup = one new free Creative Commons digital 7/12'' every monday since '09. Pressing beautiful things. Next generation record label.  more ...

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INQ Mag & Monographic Podcast:  more ...

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Subjective IDM e-zine and net label from Lithuania. more ...

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Northern-Spy Records || Check out "The Spy Log" for free videos and tracks || How 'bout them apples? || follow us on twitter

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Announcing Interpretations 29 Welcome to the 29th season of the Interpretations Series. This season, we feature  an eclectic mix of composers, composer/performers, new music virtuoso performers, improvisors and sound artists. with both classical and jazz formations, all of whom have forged their own personal style. Over half are appearing on the series for the first time. Please join us on an exciting musical adventure.

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WORM is an institute for avant garde recreation Rotterdam, consisting of an artist-collective, a venue, a Book/dvd/cd/record shop and a Parallel University (workshops, projects and productions for film, music and media). Born under the stars of punk, Dada, Fluxus, Situationism and futurism. WORM is grown into a headstrong organization with a 'Do-It-Yourself' mentality, combined with ultra-pragmatism, love of technique (s) and proper accounting. WORM is the output of film, radio, concerts, courses, parties, publications, performances, web projects, installations, workshops and an accumulation of tactile media and the Internet. WORM focuses (cheerfully and yet serious) to avant-garde, through scarcity and opensource. more ...

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.....Here on the FMA Boston Hassle's main objective is to shine a light on overlooked and forgotten New England music oddities and gems; to breathe new life into bands and albums and songs that should be cherished, but rather have been crushed by our horrible mainstream culture....... more ...

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