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REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:01:37

From 2007 - 2011, IYNGES operated as a download label primarily featuring sounds from artists connected to Providence, RI with a particular focus on the experimental. more ...

REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:01:47
REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:02:08

experimental l.a.

REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:02:27

RESIPISCENT unburies the meanest artists in experimental music, video, and package art—music too long interred by the insipid business of music as mere entertainment. Resipiscent understands music as a hand-crafted labor, non-repeating, innovation in sound, releases that won’t let go. Our packages purposefully defy a mass-culture jewel-cased mindset where file-sharing has only underscored uniformity. Resipiscent means a return to one's senses following a brutal experience.

REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:02:42

Traditional middle eastern music and roots reggae sounds mixed with hip-hop and breakcore. more ...

REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:03:05

UPSET THE RHYTHM is a live music promoter and record label based in London, UK, which is collectively run with enthusiasm, commitment, a sense of adventure, and a desire to have fun in the process. more ...

REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:03:07

Growing, Acrassicauda, Pierced Arrows, Lullabye Arkestra, Almighty Defenders, Japanese Motors, Black Lips, Chromeo, The Raveonettes, King Khan and The Shrines, Dark Meat, 120 Days, Bloc Party, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Favourite Sons, The Streets, The Stills, Death From Above 1979, Justice, Boredoms, Panthers, Vietnam.

REGISTERED:2009-12-07 21:46:03

La Bisogno is a cultural association based in Avilés, Asturias (Spain)

REGISTERED:2009-12-07 22:39:27

Maltine Records is a Creative Commons netlabel from Japan, established by Tomad and Syem in 2005. more ...

REGISTERED:2009-12-16 21:27:17

Skrot Up is a record and cassette label dedicated to slowed down dirges, strange sounds, punchy beats, 8-bit manifestos, prolonged explorations of lateral thinking, synth creepers, warped pop, syrupy industrial, and weird metallic clatter. Releasing music about our modern civilization, aliens, technology, and weird things growing in your mouth since 2009, Skrot Up’s aim is to reach local, as well as distant galaxies, where unknown life forms deal with the same shit we kill ourselves over every day on planet earth. more ...

REGISTERED:2009-12-17 00:24:07

Tokyo Dawn Records is the name of a fine little music unit established 1997 by Marc Wallowy and friends. Having strong roots in the early netaudio scene, they’ve been releasing music on the internet since 1997, prioritizing opensource music, web 2.0 communities and online music distribution a decade before most labels realized how the digital music revolution can positively effect their creative work. more ...

REGISTERED:2009-12-21 22:28:02

Das Andere Selbst is a physical and mental platform for explorations in music, a label and a space for performances and residencies located in Berlin. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-01-12 19:19:07

Da ! Heard it Records, created in 2006, is a net-label touching on Toyz-Pop, Electro Trash, Chiptune, Breakcore and Electro Punk among others, with a heavy leaning towards 8-bit music and pixel/net art. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-01-14 20:35:27

Primavera Sound is an annual festival held at the prestigious Parc del Fòrum Barcelona, Spain that presents an across-the-board showcase of music's biggest names.  more ...

REGISTERED:2010-01-19 19:44:45

Humanworkshop is a loose collective of electronic music producers and audio professionals. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-02-09 20:48:29

Yes, we are a record label now. 

At first (1999ish) we were just a name that Zachary (Coolzey) Lint scrawled or typed onto the photo-copied, scissor-cut covers of burned CD-Rs and dubbed cassette tapes full of indie rock and hip hop home recordings to be shared amongst friends and residents of Iowa City, Iowa. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-02-12 18:10:38

Zeromoon - Intelligent Noise Music. Netlabel releasing Mp3s+CDs of challenging original music from electronic, digital, noise, drone, and electro-acoustic artists from 1983 into the future. You can check out our website for more information and more releases in various formats.

REGISTERED:2010-03-03 11:44:10

Surrism-Phonoethics is an Offenbach, Germany based (currently) non-profit netlabel founded & run by Jaan Patterson, specializing in Experimental music. Some of their releases could be classified as Electronic art music/Electronic music, industrial or experimental music with sub-genres like Electro-Acoustic, Improvisation & Cut-Up. Their official launch occurred in 2008, with a release for Undress BétonTarentaliogy Defloration’. All their releases are free for download under Creative Commons or Copyleft licenses. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-03-04 12:40:11

We are a small record label based in Leipzig / Germany and we produce a kind of music here which we call - for the lack of a better term - DIGITAL LAPTOP REGGAE (DLR).This means nothing else but that we produce first and above all REGGAE music (or DUB) in it's classical sense, which in itself is nothing new, but since we're having a background of mostly electronic music we're doing this with the only tool that is obvious to use for that purpose - a COMPUTER, and a computer only. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-03-04 14:20:33

S.S. Records are by A Frames, Los Llamarada, Nothing People, Billy Bao, Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones, Hiroshima Rocks Around, His Electro Blue Voice, XYX, Krysmopomas, Crash Normal, Baby 63, Frustration, Monoshock, Dragibus, Duchess of Saigon, Le Club des Chats, Cheveu, Cigarettes, Karate Party, Antennas Erupt, Point Line Plane, Geeks, The Normals, Lili Z, Guinea Worms, Wounded Lion, Lamps, Piranhas, Electric Guitars, Ozzie, Volt, The Decay, Intelligence, el-g, UV Race, Chinese Restaurants, and more....

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