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REGISTERED:2009-04-09 09:00:43

WM Recordings is an independent record label, operating from Heerlen, the Netherlands. more ...

REGISTERED:2009-12-15 00:16:52

REGISTERED:2010-05-07 14:03:04

REGISTERED:2012-06-05 15:44:24

Wood & Wire is a digital record label, promoting experimentation in Australian music across all genres. Curated by Stuart Buchanan, with design by Heath Killen, Wood & Wire releases two new records every month.

REGISTERED:2010-05-18 14:57:02

a New York City netlabel specializing in unusual and experimental music. Tracks are posted on the last Tuesday of the month, with texts and graphic art, and are available as mp3s, and occasionally FLAC files, for free download.(FLAC files from WBR 03 to WBR 27 are available for purchase through more ...

REGISTERED:2012-05-29 17:03:34

WORM is an institute for avant garde recreation Rotterdam, consisting of an artist-collective, a venue, a Book/dvd/cd/record shop and a Parallel University (workshops, projects and productions for film, music and media). Born under the stars of punk, Dada, Fluxus, Situationism and futurism. WORM is grown into a headstrong organization with a 'Do-It-Yourself' mentality, combined with ultra-pragmatism, love of technique (s) and proper accounting. WORM is the output of film, radio, concerts, courses, parties, publications, performances, web projects, installations, workshops and an accumulation of tactile media and the Internet. WORM focuses (cheerfully and yet serious) to avant-garde, through scarcity and opensource. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-08-19 15:18:15

XEROXED published by Yes No Wave Music, a netlabel from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It's a webzine about free-culture and open-source. It concerns and focuses mostly on the works created using a Creative Commons Licenses and distributed as a free legal download over the net. The aim is to promote the free-culture movement and share the free legal download contents. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-11-30 05:20:23

REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:03:13

REGISTERED:2009-04-08 16:49:21

a netlabel based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

REGISTERED:2010-11-02 18:21:17

You Are Not Stealing Records is Portugal's first netlabel. It was created by Stealing Orchestra in 2001. The initial idea was to create a way to freely share EPs by the band or sideprojects, but soon it expanded to other artist friends. more ...

REGISTERED:2009-11-30 01:03:14

REGISTERED:2011-08-02 19:43:20

Yuki Yaki is an artists' platform in the area of electronic media. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-02-12 18:10:38

Zeromoon - Intelligent Noise Music. Netlabel releasing Mp3s+CDs of challenging original music from electronic, digital, noise, drone, and electro-acoustic artists from 1983 into the future. You can check out our website for more information and more releases in various formats.

REGISTERED:2010-06-04 17:00:04

REGISTERED:2013-03-04 04:45:31

A collaborative initiative to bring openly-licensed music to public libraries, founded in France by and friends. more ...

REGISTERED:2010-05-13 16:10:53

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