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JoeMc on 08/20/2009 at 08:06AM

I'm on a Submarine Mission for You, Baby

Gable and Lancaster do the submarine stare (pic courtesy MGM)

Last weekend, I caught an old flicker that I'd never seen before, and a fairly well-known one, too. It was Run Silent, Run Deep, a 1958 World War II actioner about a submarine on a dangerous mission to take out a Japanese destroyer. I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of war films in general, but I do have a weakness for submarine films. Ever since I saw Das Boot as a teenager (the Citizen Kane of sub movies), I've had a jones for movies that feature a bunch of stressed-out dudes defying death in a floating tin can.

Today's post is sort of a little sub movie in itself. Feel free to listen to it after you watch the trailer for Run Silent, Run Deep here.

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lizb on 08/19/2009 at 03:33PM

Mini Hip-Hop Roundup

Food For Animals, photo by Sexy Fitsum (CC by-nd)

Was in the mood for some danceable beats this week, so I picked up some speed with my shopping cart and popped a wheelie in the Hip-Hop aisle of el Supermercado FMA. Some discoveries:

1. Beat instros by NJ's Pre from the album "Wood Grain Sessions," check the song "Lampion" for sure.

2. Bratty party throw-downs by AK Slaughter, Emily and Aran of Baltimore. Put the song "Party Breaksss" on your list.

3. Make your head explode by listening to the "Monsters of Cock Rock Disco" comp all the way through. Ex-WFMU DJ Jason Forrest (DJ Donna Summer) runs CRD. I'm a fan of the Food for Animals song below, and I can't help but turn your attention to DJ Donna Summer's "Chicken Dance," too.

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Halas_Radio on 08/19/2009 at 01:58AM

HaPzura Festival

HaPzura (diaspora in Hebrew) is a bi-annual event initiated in 2005 focused on the production and presentation
of experimental music and sound projects in Israel.  Local artists are accompanied by international artists in the
production of performances, workshops and public actions. Each year’s programming is unique and HaPzura III,
2007, included a number of new components: A performance / concert series which took place both on and off-
site, both in Holon and neighboring Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; an exhibition at the Center for Digital Art; and a
series of sound-based public interventions in Holon.

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jw on 08/19/2009 at 12:31AM

Pachač a Juskanič Slovenská Orkestra – Žnivarský Čardáš, Čast 1

pachac.jpgIn the late 1920s, the Victor company decided to begin producing recordings of music geared specifically to Slovakian immigrants in the United States. It was a short-lived effort, yet it yielded some fascinating music, most of which was performed by a cache of immigrants (quite probably coal miners) from western Pennsylvania. I’ve heard other Slovenian/Slovakian 78s, but nothing matches the wild, almost primitive energy of these Victor recordings, which don’t turn up too often.

The Pachač a Juskanič Slovenská Orkestra recorded this, Part One of their “harvest” čardáš, on December 6, 1929, in New York – the same date they recorded the bulk of their entire output (the group would later record a few more releases in that dark year for the American recording industry, 1932). The čardáš is a closed-circle folk dance in 2/4 time which originated in Hungary, but has close gypsy connections according to Richard Spottswood, in the notes to his excellent CD Slovak Csardas: Dance Tunes from the Pennsylvania Coal Mines. In his opinion, the Slovakian music on Victor from this period may be a peek into what music from the area may have sounded like in the nineteenth century.

There are several tracks by the Pachač a Juskanič Slovenská Orkestra on Mr. Spottswood’s CD, but this track remains unreleased. Listen close for the whistling!

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pluspunkt on 08/18/2009 at 06:30AM

Nice Cover - Manuel J Grotesque

A nice serigraphy-artwork for Manuel J. Grotesques weird »Flic flac no core sur le mont perdu« album released on the Galerie Pache label. The artwork was done, as far as i realized, by Loulou prod. from Bordeaux.

Enjoy the music and artwork. The Cover you'll find here. And also have a look on the hompage of Monsieur Grotesque. There you'll find more beautiful cover-artworks. i love this one.

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pushbinlou on 08/17/2009 at 01:57PM

Label Look: Miga

Rominger - photo by evasee

It's really great to see more and more amazing net labels hooking up with FMA to get the word out.  The Spanish net label Miga recently uploaded some very good releases from a number of their artists.  Miga is not just interested in music but also various forms of visual media as well as the combination of the two.

Out of the four releases on FMA right now, Music for Camping by Rominger (Perdi, Yeray and Leo) is my hands down favorite.  Playful, quirky, experimental electronic pop music is the best way to describe their music.  Check out the title track from this release as well as some of the other releases on Miga by artists such as Oto, Betelgeuse and Burdeos.

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jason on 08/17/2009 at 01:28AM

Doomsday with Box Elders and Impediments

image of our pending doom by Pierre Éthier (via flickr, creative commons by-nd)

Omaha, Nebraska's Box Elders just embarked on their third tour of the US and Canada so far this year, and when a band tours this heavily, you gotta wonder...maybe they know something we don't. Could it just be a normal tour in support of their new new full-length on Goner Records? No way, not with a series of Shattered Records shows w/ Jay Reatard and Hunx an his Punx. They're touring recklessly, like there is no tomorrow, like they actually believe the world's going to end in three years. In fact, to quote the group's song "2012" "What are you waiting for / and What are you saving your money for? / and what are you crying for / Ain't you heard about 2012?" So that explains why they were just here at WFMU in January, playing live on Michael Goodstein's show (mp3s), and then they were back in NY in April, and now they're touring again: Touring is dangerous, it's not fun and games, but the world is gonna end anyway, so might as well hit the road!

Oakland, CA's Impediments are wise to the same prophecies, and they have a song called "2012," too (below). The song's from their new full-length on Happy Parts Recordings, produced by Greg Ashley of The Mirrors / The Gris Gris / Sir Lord Von Raven. The guitar solo sounds like a comet hitting the earth, doesn't it? These 4 teenagers are chanelling their doomsday vibes into a coast-to-coast tour. In fact, they'll be playing live on WFMU here in Jersey City NJ during Terre T's Cherry Blossom Clinic this Saturday (along with Buzzer!).

So the Mayans, the Aztecs, Nostradamus, the Impediments, and Box Elders all predict apocalypse in 3 years. I'm not gonna make any predictions (already fell for the 5/5/2000 doomsday theory and that was a let down). But hey, at least this one's being made into a disaster movie starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet. Wait, the prophecy is real! Well, at least this doomsday prophecy has inspired some fucking awesome, catchy-as-hell garage punk!

Impediments - "2012" (04:34)
Impediments - "2012" (04:34)
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macedonia on 08/15/2009 at 12:28PM

Round Down Here...

Cover art for the Hedonic Islands 7" single.

The latest FMA offering from Ilya Monosov hit me completely out of leftfield, just something I stumbled upon while searching for recently uploaded tracks.  I welcome experimental hip-hop with open arms and even more so when I found out that Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow were involved.  I'll co-sign just about any project those two are a part of based on prior releases for Stones Throw and Ramp Recordings - truly interstellar aural experiences whenever they arrive on the scene.

My initial comments for Monosov's "Alien Abduction" prompted the artist to drop me a line via email.  Come to find out that his  experiments in noise and improvisational music run pretty deep.  As for this latest single, Ilya said that he "always wanted to experiment with free music but in hip hop -- and in a listenable way..."  The result is five minutes of controlled chaos, bursts of noise wildly running towards your speakers to escape, yet tethered by the strings of a whiplash-inducing beat.   Dudley and Georgia sound right at home on this "interplanetary invasion."

Hopefully, the seven-inch will be released soon.  In the meantime, get with this "otha ship connection" and press play below...

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lawrence_kumpf on 08/14/2009 at 01:12PM

Dedicated to Les Paul: Lary 7 live at IPR

Lary 7

We had a great show last night with Lary 7 and Eran Sachs.  Eran opened up with a solo set followed by Lary and then followed by a duo.  The excerpt below is from Lary's set dedicated to the late Les Paul.  The performance was run through our multi-channel speaker system designed by Stephan Moore.  Truely killer set.

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BTurner on 08/14/2009 at 11:19AM

Graveyards live at WFMU (mp3s)

G1 G2 Grab a slab of the heavy sound of Free Michigan: Ben Hall, Chris Riggs, and Wolf Eyes' John Olson rassle like Anthony Braxton, Z'ev, AMM and the Taj Mahal Travellers in a tarpit, with dark billowing clouds of electric guitar, bowed metal, echo-drenched sax, electronics and more. On an east coast tour Graveyards stopped by my show on WFMU to perform three solo sets and one full-on meeting, and it was a fine example of improvised music in idiom tag-free, pure organic punk form, inherently psychedelic to the max. Each player emphasized workout of the room's unique acoustics (relying on organic/acoustic elements themselves even in Olson's and Riggs' case where actually electricity was implemented); with Hall's solo percussion set, you can hear the acoustic feedback being created by assorted rubbings being controlled and making its way from one mic to the other and around your brain as well. At times it even felt like what you could expect a Nurse With Wound "unplugged" gig to resemble. Some spontaneous, otherwordly, and excellent sounds for an afternoon (and the guys found some time to hit the Jersey shore beach on the way to that night's gig in Philly to boot). Thanks to engineer Jason Sigal, grab the downloads and plop some 'phones on.

Graveyards - Live on Brian Turner's show 8/11/09
1. John Olson: sax/electronics solo set  |  2. Ben Hall: percussion/tympany/metal solo set  |  3.
Chris Riggs: prepared electric guitar/percussion solo set  |  4. Graveyards: full trio set

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