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App Support & FAQ



The Free Music Archive now has our own apps! These let you explore music by genre, listen to the song of the day, and share and download until your thumbs go raw.

The app is completely free, but we need your help to spread the word. Please write us a friendly review in the iTunes store or Google Play storeQuestions and concerns are welcome via email, as well. 

How to Install the FMA App

Tap the blue App Store icon on your iOS device or the Play Store icon on your Android. Then, search for "FMA." You can also view the app pages here and here

Do You Offer Any Other Apps?

This app by Jonathan Milenko lets you browse and play the FMA by genre. Get it here.

Feedback, questions, or anything else? 

contact (at) freemusicarchive (dot) org is the place to tell us! 

App Credits! 

The first generation iOS app was truly a group effort. We'd like to thank Greg Harrison who designed the app logo, our snappy favorite/download buttons, and the LP artwork you see when images are stuck loading. H. Faye Kahn helped us fix up some buttons (and she does a fantastic radio show.) Also thanks to Liz Berg and Ken Freedman for helping with feedback and troubleshooting, FMA expert Jason Sigal for suggesting favorite tracks and playlists for launch, WFMU's Joe McGasko was our copyeditor, and Brett Thompson built the special APIs to make this possible.

Second generation iOS app wouldn't have been possible without the National Endowment for the Arts, who helped us launch this generation of apps (second verison iOS and first version Android). Thanks to our intrepid beta-testers Jason Sigal, Liz Berg, Jeff Moore and Ken Freedman.