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Curator Policy

The Free Music Archive Curator Policy


Last Updated 7/2/09


1.) Definitions.

   a. Curator Content (“Curator Content”) includes but is not limited to audio and/or video files, written descriptions, images of album covers, and other content that Curators, Contributors, or Contributing Artists upload or contribute to the Site.

   b. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Use.

2.) Curator, Contributor, and Contributing Artist Accounts.

   a. To become a Curator of your own portal on the Free Music Archive, you must submit an inquiry and application with the Free Music Archive. We will review inquiries and approve of Curators at our sole discretion.

   b. If we approve of your application, we will require you to complete, sign, and mail to us a Curator agreement that outlines your responsibilities and privileges as a Curator of a portal on the Free Music Archive. Upon receiving your signed agreement, we will activate your Curator account.

   c. To become a Contributor or Contributing Artist in a portal, you must be approved by the Curator of the portal.

   d. As a Curator, Contributor, or Contributing Artist, you agree to follow the Site’s Terms of Use and  Uploading Policy.


3.) Moderating and Managing a Portal

   a. As a Curator, you may upload and contribute Content, including audio and/or video files, artist descriptions, images, page designs, and blog entries. You may approve of Users as Editors, Contributing Artists, or Contributors in your portal. You may moderate online discussions by registered Users about artists, albums, and songs in your portal. By assuming Curator privileges, you expressly understand and agree to the following rules:


  b. Uploading and Managing Content

     i. Follow the Uploading Policy when contributing and managing the Curator Content in your portal.

     ii. By uploading Content to the portal, you represent and warrant that Content available in your portal is legal and does not infringe the rights of any party. All Content on the Free Music Archive must be legally accessible or downloadable by Site visitors for free.

     iii. If you cannot warrant that a visitor can legally and freely download Content in your portal for private use, you must immediately remove or disable that Content


   c. Editing User Comments

     i. You will not edit a User comment in any way that would materially alter its original meaning. For example, if a User posts a comment that says, “Joe is not a musician,” and you change it to read, “Joe is a musician,” you will have materially altered its meaning.

     ii. You may delete any User comments that contain illegal or obscene content, hate speech, or spam.

     iii. You may remind Users to follow the Terms of Use with respect to acceptable, courteous behavior on the Site.

     iv. You may choose to disable any message boards in your portal at any time, at your discretion.

     v. You understand that the Free Music Archive may also moderate your portal for illegal or obscene content, hate speech, or spam.


   d. Banning Users from your Portal.

     i. You may ban from your portal any Member, Editor, or Contributing Artist whom you believe to be violating the Terms of Use. This means that you can block that User from contributing Content to your portal. Please be aware that a User whose account has been banned may still have the ability to browse your portal as a visitor.

     ii. We will be automatically notified when you ban a User. We reserve the right to ban any User from the entire Site at any time.


   e. Regularly Updating Your Portal.

     i. The requirements for retaining Curator privileges include, but are not limited to:

           1. uploading Content to your portal on a regular basis;

           2. maintaining a blog entry or featured playlist; and

           3. maintaining a sufficient level of quality within portal, including quality audio, accurate information about the material, and well-moderated comments.

     ii. The Free Music Archive reserves the right to revoke Curator privileges and either:

           1. transfer responsibility over the Curator’s existing collection to another Curator; or

           2. designate the Curator’s collection as an Inactive collection (“Inactive Collection”). We may continue to host and allow downloads of Content in an Inactive Collection, but we will disable all uploading privileges and commenting by Users in the pages of the Inactive collection. We will remove Content from an Inactive Collection within ninety (90) days of receiving a removal request for the Content.

           3. If you choose to abandon your Curator collection, you may elect to transfer responsibility over the existing content in your portal to another Curator, subject to FMA’s approval, in its sole discretion, of that Curator.


   f. Protecting Privacy of Users.

      i. You will not behave in any way that is inconsistent with the Free Music Archive’s Privacy Policy with respect to User information that you access from the Free Music Archive or in relation to your Curator privileges


4.) Modifications

The Free Music Archive reserves the right to change the Curator Policy at any time, at its sole discretion. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Policy. Your continued use of the Site constitutes your agreement to all terms embodied herein.