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cheyenne_h on 12/21/2017 at 01:37PM

Selected Tracks By The Featured Artists on Spettro Records Themselves

Spettro Records. 2010 to present. 8 years now of dissonant silences and unvoiced desires.

60 + tracks chosen by the artists themselves, among those previously released on Spettro.

A wish for the future. To see a forgiving light at the end of the past, a cry full of hope at the dawn of tomorrow.

Dedicated to Z'EV ( 8 February 1951 – 16 December 2017 ).

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zlayton on 06/04/2010 at 08:45AM

Z'EV masterclass at ISSUE Project Room (FREE!)

Z'EV in the WFMU studio (2007)

Super awesome percussion pioneer and legend Z'EV will be performing at ISSUE Project Room on saturday night (6/5/10) and will be doing a special FREE master class at 5pm beforehand dealing with "rhythms in sound & the sounds of rhythm":

"The mytho-poetics of audiology:  ear drum / hammer-stirrup-anvil / labyrinth, drum as traditional trance inducer / the smithy – pythagoras & shamanism / labyrinth as image of return – Initiation, acoustics & psychoacoustics, a phenomenology of sound & consciousness"

don't miss this rare opportunity!  

More info at

Here's an mp3 of Z'EV on Brian Turner's show in 2007:

"A total legend in experimental sound, text, and visual art, Z'EV has been exploring 'spacial poetics' while creative percussive mayhem since the 1970's. He's been responsible for tons of solo releases and has collaborated with the likes of the Hafler Trio, John Cage, and Psychic TV; he last visited FMU over 25 years ago while living in NYC and working with Glenn Branca and Rudolph Grey among others. He's joined today by drum disciples Sikhara (who've been a central cog in the growing Radon label collective), making their second visit to Brian's show. Get ready for some serious volume and heavy metal of a different strain this afternoon." - BT

Z'EV - "(full set)" (36:53)
Z'EV - "(full set)" (36:53)
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