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xe_val on 11/13/2010 at 12:20AM

Compilatorio Alg-label Vol. 2 [2006]

Xesús Valle - Torolóu 

VV.AA. - Recopilatorio alg-label #2  [alg026]


[alg026] artwork

[alg026] Download

alg-label compilate#2 CD-r(limited edition) / Online

14 exclusive tracks by artists from Galicia, Portugal, Euskal Herria, United States, Greece and scotland.

Alg-a netlabel want to thank all the artists involved in this proyect. 

M.Carvalhais & P.Tudela, N.Muñoz, J.Irazoki, D. Vazquez, M. Seoane, K. Kirschner, I. Cordal, T. Chrysakis, X. Valle, M. Pinheiro, R. Janeiro, B. Molina, B. Lavelle e C. Longina.

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xe_val on 11/12/2010 at 11:58PM

Far Afield [2005]

Uveaele - Lava D´or

VV.AA. Far Afield - Webbed hand records 055

"The idea behind this compilation was to challenge phonographers and musicians to find a middle ground between their two crafts by sculpting field recordings into creative compositions without using traditional instrumentation (unless captured in the field). The terms passive to describe the phonographers process of capturing sound and active to describe the composers process were used; however, this sparked a great debate over how passive the phonographers craft is. In reality, phonography can be quite active in the choices of location and timing of the recordings, the placement and movement of the microphones, etc. However, in relative terms, the phonographers product is rarely as ordered as a musicians composition and a composers product utilizes sounds that are generated for his or her specific purpose. This compilation allotted the artists the opportunity to find a middle ground in the realm of musique concrete.

B05. Uveaele - Lava dOr

First Disk A01. Quiet American - Khulna Station (for Andrew Raffo Dewar) A02. Erick Gallun - Open Field Decay A03. Lyndsey Cockwell - DWP A04. Don Bosco - Watching A05. Doug Haire - The Hand Off A06. John Hanes - Tuscan Gate A07. o.m.s. - n.m.a - format2002edit04m A08. Carlo Giordani - Valle Rossa A09. John Roach - The Two Shades A10. Christopher Fleeger - Painting A11. Direwires - Dayslumber via the Train A12. devslashnull - Von Roll Grate System Test: 1984 A13. Raphael Lyon - Virginia Beach A14. Scott Smallwood - Basement Well A15. The Outsider - Aurora Storm A16. Angus Carlyle - The Sea Swells AgainSecond Disk B01. Carlos Santos - Crossing Point B02. Pete Stollery - Banchory Ears B03. Giuseppe Rapisarda - Dalla Finestra B04. HarS - SportNationalB05. Uveaele - Lava dOr B06. Aaron Lewis - Long Pond 2/1 10am B07. Steve Bradley - SO2 Emission B08. Robert Horton - Insect Trust B09. Eric Bollman - 14th Street B10. Davide Morelli - Foto.01 B11. Thanos Chrysakis - Afar...Sounds Begin to Ooze B12. Martiensgohome - White Chapel Moose B13. Ambrose Pottie - Chainwash 16 B14. Seht - Death in Strip-mall B15. Archive - Imprint B16. Fred Yarm - Downspout Gamelon

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xe_val on 11/12/2010 at 11:32PM

La Casa Microcópica [2005]

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xe_val on 11/12/2010 at 11:09PM

O Forno das Formulacións [2005]

[ALG012] - uveaele - O forno das formulacións


Internet Archive

the album concept starts with a journey to the "santa mariña de augas santas" underground chapell, called "o forno" in allariz (ourense, spain). mysterious place where the water flows on the floor, under an arched dome and an absolute darkness. 

Five manipulations of a single field recording in the basement of the chapel, give way to the only album of this Valle´s audio project "Uveaele"

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xe_val on 11/12/2010 at 10:13PM

Organic Feedback [2004]

[ALG007] - Plumb and Plumber - Organic feedback


Internet Archive

’Organic Feedback’ revolves around ambient and cinematic electronica, where tape and field recordings are a warm layer of analog tapestries and dissonant electric guitars explode in a fuzzy and mechanical chaos.

p&p proyect was created in 2002 by Xesús Valle.

Organic Feedback sound fonts come from Vigo’s enviroments. A guitar (recorded at home like a soundscape) and some tapes witch where found in the trash, where you can hear the correspondence between two lovers, he was living in Galicia, and she was living in Bretanha. Thoughts, dreams, and radio recordings at the 70’s end.



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