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cheyenne_h on 02/25/2016 at 11:33AM

"Upsidedown Cross" Soundtrack Release: FMA Exclusive

excerpt from an image on IMDB.

[Guest blog entry from Wiliam Hellfire]

From controversial filmmaker William Hellfire (Duck! The Carbine High Massacre, Devil’s Bloody Playthings and Curator of Severed Lips Recordings on FMA) comes a shocking new film starring David Yow (The Jesus Lizard), Erin Russ (Porkchop), Tina Krause (Bad Biology) and adult film star Rick Savage - UPSIDEDOWN CROSS. Abandoned, abused by the police and in the throes of withdrawal, Nadine, a drug addicted young prostitute, returns to her childhood home and the mother she ran away from. Nadine's mother, Delilah; a fanatical Christian who believes demons have possessed her daughter, searches for a cure for Nadine's erratic behavior. When she finds a rogue preacher willing to exorcise her daughter for a fee, neither realizes they have invited the devil into their home. While her mother turns a blind eye to the bizarre practices unfolding in her own home, Nadine, wracked with mental and physical pain, has no choice but to put up with the preacher's increasingly violent charade. This collector's edition of Upsidedown Cross contains an illustrated Chick Tract by successful notorious underground comic artist Mike Diana, Print run is limited to 1,000 copies!

The soundtrack is only available on the Free Music Archive, and includes music by:
Mike Hunchback (Hunchback, Screeching Weasel)
Miranda Taylor (Hunchback, Black Wine)
Jeff Schroeck (Erggs)
Craig Mileski (Hunchback, Blank Dogs)
David Yow (Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid)
T.S. McBride (Smokestack, Starless, Saturday Man)
William Hellfire (Currator Severed lips Recordings, Ghidorah!, Tyrannosaurs Dracula)
And Tyrannosaurus Dracula

Download or listen here: Upsidedown Cross Soundtrack

DVD release party with cast and crew at Forbidden Planet, 832 Broadway, NYC. Feb 26, 2016. 7pm-9pm.

Click through for trailer (adult themes):


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Uncle_Dracula on 06/04/2012 at 01:14AM

Backyard Mosh

This one's a good-time punk party to make those old teenagers dizzy and sweaty again... hell, it's for you teens all softened up by nowadays too! Turn it up, let's slam, pogo, and lose control. Here's a house full of punks ready for volume, Ma & Pop are away for the weekend, goodbye lawn! A full listen will result in cold pizza for tomorrow's breakfast.

-Uncle Dracula

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Uncle_Dracula on 03/26/2012 at 01:22AM

Another mix from Uncle...

Yer Tiz:

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Uncle_Dracula on 03/24/2012 at 10:13PM

My 1st mix on the FMA...

Dig it.

Hiya, creeps!

It took me a few tries navigating this thing, but within a couple of days of digging, Uncle Dracula's got a mix for ya! I must say this, I am an obsessive mix maker, and I aim to make each one feel like a real album, or at least a soundtrack to some hypothetical cult VHS starring Uncle Dracula. With the exception of a few songs on each mix, I am barely familiar with these artists, working way-outta my comfort zone for mix making. I never made a mix this way before, but I am pleased with the results! They will always be under 80 minutes, so they can fit on a CDR (or cassette!?), as infinite iturd playlists are against my religion. Stay tuned for more.

Lucifer in the sky with aliens,

Uncle Dracula




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