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“White Suns” (Used 4 times)

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Uncle_Dracula on 04/09/2012 at 02:12AM

HARD FILTH: (or) Soundtrack for a gas station bathroom.

A cacophonic smorgasbord

HARD FILTH: (or) Soundtrack for a gas station bathroom.

Welcome to my latest mix, a collection of songs united in an aural filth, a destructive path of unnerving sounds, fuzzy, broken tunes echoing inside a speakerbox that will buzz at any volume, feedback play, whirring, whizzing lo-fi synths, a primitive pulse of discontent, anxious vocals, existential heavy post-psych vibrations, and, at times delivering a rock-solid boogie.

Listen to them, the children of the night... What music they make.

Uncle D.


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doncbruital on 09/07/2010 at 03:45PM

White Suns, Bleak Sounds

I've written before about the annihilatory unifying power of slow-building doomy rock, the way that it suggests something utterly outside time and space, delivering unto the listening masses the kind of communion best thought of as shared obliteration of the senses. Of course when I say "obliteration" I mean it in the best possible way, which is why it sure is heartening to see that Brooklyn's WHITE SUNS have allowed their patented brand of damaged rock make its heavy celestial drift over to the Free Music Archive's skies. And I do mean heavy: these guys deal in the kind of metal netherworld in which squealing feedback meets up with slow, wholly sludged-out drumming to form a fractured, messy and yet completely enrapturing atmosphere, as exhilarating as any band that's ever stunned you with sheer audacity, as liturgical as any black mass you were ever warned about.

White Suns comes to us via Ampeater Music, whose contributions to the FMA are a huge boon to those of us looking for that new trailblazing sound, something a little extra-dimensional, shiny as a comet--check out their stacked-with-talent and exclusive compilation, you wanna see for yourself. But pay special attention to White Suns' Cavity, a release whose 20 minutes constitutes a ritual observance of nature's brutality, undertaken in the service of catharsis, a moment out of your day for serious worship. Consider it a religious injunction.

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