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cheyenne_h on 12/28/2016 at 05:00AM

2016 Year In Review, Part VIII: 56 WFMU Highlights

Sadly, there are too many good bands in the world to know about or listen to in our too-short human lifespans - but WFMU endeavors to being in as many as possible, as often as possible. WFMU shares many of these sets with us at the FMA, all collected here! We are eternally indebted to the freeform behemoth and its genre-bending DJs and guests.

2016 was a phenomenal year, in terms of live music added to the FMA, and we've selected 56 WFMU-flavored tracks to entertain, amuse and confuse you. If you liked the sets here, consider visiting the artist pages on FMA, or better yet, pay a visit and see what the fuss is all about. If you already know and love WFMU, maybe you should browse our collections of live sets organized by DJ/show. WFMU's concert venue, Monty Hall, has its own collection as well. 

Listen or download below, or visit the playlist page here.

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cheyenne_h on 12/27/2016 at 02:22PM

2016 Year In Review, Part VII: LizB's MegaMix

As we look back on the soundscape of the last 12 months, one thing is clear: our curators have been busy this year! FMA has reached new heights in recognition, use, traffic, and killer playlists! One of our most dedicated and regular mixmakers is LizB, who often peppers her weekly WFMU radio broadcast with FMA tracks, and she broadcast 3 hours of FMA tunes to wrap up 2016. Liz's show happens every Tuesday afternoon from 12-3pm Eastern, which you can listen to as an FMA playlist (featured every week on our iOS app and at the bottom of the main page), in the WFMU archive or subscribe to it, since it's also distributed as a podcast. She also created a monstrous mix of her TOP 100 tracks!

Listen up:

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cheyenne_h on 01/07/2016 at 03:44PM

Kyle Eyre Clyd and Furchick on FMA in Village Voice's Best Noise Tracks of 2015

Kyle Eyre Clyd & Furchick, respectively.

We're proud to share that two tracks from our WFMU Live collections have appeared on a "Best Noise Tracks of 2015" collection in the Village Voice!

Furchick's track from Blurred and Obscured on WFMU, "Get A Haircut," was named #24, and "Untitled 1" by Kyle Eyre Clyd, performed on Strength Through Failure with Fabio, was named #15. The sessions aired on WFMU but are also in our collection of WFMU Live Performances here on the Free Music Archive. You can stream or download the tracks (or the full sets) here on FMA.

While we're shamelessly bragging, we'll also mention that some other artists on the list have been featured on FMA, as well: How I Quit Crack, Wolf Eyes, Gagu, Lightning Bolt, Ashtray Navigations, Limbs Bin, and Jah Excretion. Thanks to Raymond Cummings for including some FMA tracks in the mix!

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cheyenne_h on 12/29/2015 at 12:00PM

WFMU Guests: 2015 Selections

Cheyenne showing off the massive WFMU release forms folder for 2015! Photo by Liz B.

Rather than "Top [insert number] Best Albums of 2015" we've decided to take a different angle. Rather than ranking tracks or adding unnecessary 'clout' to specific albums, artists, or songs, we're sharing these in no particular order. You can decide which ones you like best! 

This is the fourth of an ongoing series.

Now, a bit about this mix, and who made it:

This collection is a few highlights from the FMA's massive collection of WFMU Live Recordings (recently reshuffled into collections by DJ, which you can browse here). There are, of course, many more sessions to choose from (including a multitude of live performances from Monty Hall, WFMU's performance space). The DJs at WFMU bring artists into the studio frequently, and many of them allow us to share their original songs on the Free Music Archive.

The selections here were not easy to choose -- especially when we had to only list fifteen of them -- but we've selected a few of our favorites from the past 365 days for you! Thanks to all of the DJs who brought in amazing artists all year long, and to the artists who were willing to share their music with us here at FMA.

So - here it is - our WFMU highlights selection from 2015! Listen or download in our handy sidebar player to the right, or see the playlist page for more.

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cheyenne_h on 08/24/2015 at 04:00PM

Live from WFMU! Sets organized by DJ/Show

One of our most prolific curators, WFMU, has more than 17,000 mp3s in their portal, and more than 80 DJs and radio programs represented as contributors to the FMA! As a way to help organize their collection, we organized every live WFMU set by DJ/program. You can now browse through live sets dating back more than 25 years, including sets from The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T, Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg, The Antique Phonograph Program with MAC, Irwin Chusid's show, Brian Turner's show, and much much more! 

Dig in to the full list here

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