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vitop on 09/23/2016 at 01:29PM

Vitamin Pets Present DEATH FM

FFO: Pander! Panda! Panzer!Broadcast and the Focus GroupThe Conet Project

  A collaboration between Vitamin Pets and Yellow Chair combining field recordings and shortwave radio transmissions, Death FM pushes back against college radio trends and fashion-first schtick-rock. The album is a nine-track look at the end-of-days, envisioning the dark future that awaits all those who allow scammy tastemakers into their homes via the airwaves. "Theme from WXHZ" and "Station Identification" construct the pulpit from which this screed is founded upon; "Is Dead" is a salvo of bombastic proportions; and "Le nozze di Rodman" dunks the listener into the nether world of intercepted broadcasts and crossed wires. The album is at times blissful ("Seven Sisters Singing") and blistering ("Octavian Man") and promises to provide all those who download it with a singularly strange experience.  

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cheyenne_h on 07/09/2015 at 09:00AM

Radio Free Culture #54: Premixing the Vitamin Pets

image courtesy of Vito Petruzzelli. Used with permission.

WFMU and the Free Music Archive are proud to bring you a fresh episode of Radio Free Culture, a bi-weekly podcast exploring issues at the intersection of digital culture and the arts. 

In this episode, Cheyenne Hohman, RFC host and current Director of the FMA, spoke to Vito Petruzzelli from the group Vitamin Pets, about their recent "Premix" Contest. The band released 69 stems from their most recent album, "Horse Helpers of the High Country," before the record's release date - with an open call for "premixes," that is - tracks that were produced using the stems before anyone (except the Vitamin Pets themselves) knew what the songs should have sounded like! 

FMA Volunteer Ethan has compiled a few tracks from the premix album, "The Refreshingly Hothouse Porch," as well as from the Vitamin Pets new release, "Horse Helpers of the High Country," so you can listen and compare!

Check out the podcast on WFMUPRX, or subscribe to the Radio Free Culture on iTunes

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cheyenne_h on 06/08/2015 at 04:00PM

Premix the new Vitamin Pets album!

Vitamin Pets are turning to the FMA community to spawn a doppelganger; they have taken 69 random stems from their upcoming LP, "Horse Helpers of the High Country," and made them available for the express purpose of performing an experiment in sonic cross-pollination.

The challenge is to produce a unique work that alters and builds upon stems from songs that have not yet been released---not to remix, but to premix. Artists are invited to use as many or as few stems as they please while being encouraged to add their own sounds to their submission. Vitamin Pets will choose eleven submissions and compile them in "The Refreshingly Hothouse Porch" LP, the evil twin to the eleven tracks on "Horse Helpers of the High Country." Both of these LPs will comprise a simultaneous, FMA-exclusive dual-release in July.

Using the principles of collective assembly and collaboration apparent in games like the Exquisite Corpse, we offer this challenge to anyone interested in the interpretive potentiality offered through the Creative Commons. How will a decentralized, infinite Internet mind affect the projection of a once-closed aesthetic product (the traditional LP)? What can surrealistic collaborative practices yield when used as part of a music release? Will this chaotic, random "scrambling" of sequence become a vital stage in Internet age compositional practice?

Download the stem pack here and start premixing! Submissions will be accepted from June 9th until June 24th. Full rules & guidelines are here

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vitamin pets, premix
cheyenne_h on 06/08/2015 at 03:45PM

Guidelines & Rules for Premixing "Horse Helpers of the High Country"

Download the "Horse Helpers of the High Country" stem pack

Mix using the following guidelines: 

*Please feel free to use any number of stems from any number of song sources (please cross-pollinate!)

*Please feel free to add new sounds to the mix.

*Length of your track should be between 2 seconds and 15 minutes.

*Save your file with a unique title (artist name + title of your creation)

*Keep peaks at -3dB below 0dB (we will provide mastering services)

*Please provide city + country of production in upload description

*Please submit your track by June 24th

Enter at the contest page here, and Vitamin Pets will choose their favorite 11 tracks to accompany their release in early July 2015. 

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