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adal2007 on 09/29/2015 at 03:23AM

Free Background Music for your videos and projects


Heres a list of the mos downloaded tracks by Dhalius Music (Free Background Music for video creations and projects)

you can visit: to download more than 800 music tracks for free to use on your youtube,vimeo or personal projects for free, shrecords already has more than 1000 music uses worldwide.
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happypuppyrecords on 07/22/2012 at 07:27PM

One Turn Into Another

One of the coolest things about having our music on FMA is not only people downloading and listening to it, it's also when it gets used in videos and short films.  Thanks to FMA partnering with Vimeo's music store, our music is being currently used in over 150 videos on Vimeo.

The song "Eileen" from the Music For MOBA album is getting the most amount of exposure now, and it's interesting to see all the many ways that people use the track.  One of the latest instances appears in an entry for Seattle's 48-Hour Film Festival, "Turn", directed by Fred Sprinkle & Josh Burdick.


Turn (48HFP Seattle 2012) from Veritas Media Productions on Vimeo.


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