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macedonia on 12/12/2009 at 06:55PM

(weird) steppin' into tomorrow...

go ahead. dive in. the water's fine...

It was about a week ago when I saw a message on Twitter from one of the Error Broadcast netlabel members (Sven Swift, was that you?), pointing towards Dorian Concept as a reason not to sleep on Vienna.  As one who's been keeping tabs on Austria off and on ever since Kruder & Dorfmeister first hit the scene with their G-Stoned E.P., I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment.  Lately I've been singing the praises of another Austrian artist, The Clonious, whose Between The Dots full-length on Ubiquity is one of my favorite albums of 2009.  Dorian has remixed The Clonious and they seem to run within the same beat circles.  The attribute they share is an undying spirit of jazz improvisation that runs rampant throughout their music.  Even with the punches of pads, the twiddling of knobs, and the sliding of faders, there's a freedom to their work that never allows the elements to become locked for long.

Listening to Dorian Concept can be a jaw-dropping experience.  His work is wildly liberating while also being a prime example of the beauty of controlled chaos.  Something tells me that he's holding back on his full capabilities at times and, quite frankly, he's wise to do so.  I just get the feeling if he opened the floodgates to everything he's capable of, I'm not sure that we could take it.  Case and point:  the Seek When Is Her E.P. on the Earstroke label.  While "You See Less" is in step with the present-day head nodders he creates on the regular, let me direct your attention to "Water Thank You."  This is jazz overtaken by drill and bass unpredictabilities (think Squarepusher during his Feed Me Weird Things or Hard Normal Daddy periods) and it's killing me that this is originally from 2006.  You may be hearing something from the recent past, but it still sounds like it's light years ahead of us...

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