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trevort on 08/06/2018 at 09:37AM

A suicide cult and a retreat into psychic wilderness

Unthunk has released Coin, the fourth full length release from Happy Puppy Records on

Coin consists of two distinct halves. From the perspective of a make-believe suicide cult, the first half combines functional music-making in support of the Order of Eternal Tranquility's ceremonies with studies by and about the cult's key characters. 

The second half examines the state of "unaccommodated man", as expressed by Shakespeare's Lear. Each piece departs tangentially from the bard's idea of casting off civility, to experience the resulting isolation and communion.

Unthunk is a musical collective pursuing the intersection between chamber and pop music.

For a taste of the project, check the track below. Notes on the project are available at, and the full album is available at

Unthunk - "Smulkin" (02:55)
Unthunk - "Smulkin" (02:55)
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