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koreshovich on 07/22/2018 at 08:44PM

Edifice - 2018 - Lilies (Demo, EP)

The atmospheric one-woman project of the Ukrainian composer and vocalist Anastasia Lazarenko, whose debut release was demo EP "Lilies" in 2018. Music and words are a psychological image of one person from the darkest depths of emotional experience, thus Edifice concernes music as a miscellaneous, individual and sometimes appaling exposure of identities hidden inside us.

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LCL on 09/01/2014 at 03:26AM

HipHop straight from Ukraine

Out of our usual line, we're releasing a HipHop album straight from Ukraine.
Sun Sunych offers you "Hybris", a 15 tracks LP in russian & english with many featurings.
Heat from the east !

Check the release page on FMA for more information :

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hip hop, ukraine
lizb on 08/19/2010 at 10:30AM

Ukrainian Collage Pop

Photo by Yoggurt

Came across a really fun Ukrainian band here on the FMA recently... Gosprom, who put hip-hop beats and a guitar together with frenetic and gleeful pop, quirky and layered cut-up samples, and occasional nods to jazz. The band's femme vocalist on top of all this genre-mash reminds me a little bit of Pizzicato Five and a Cantonese pop band called PixelToy.

I've posted a few of my favorite tracks below: "Japan Punk" and "Oop Shoop," both of which tend toward the more spastic end of Gosprom's ouvre. You can listen to more of their songs from their album "Lazy" right here. Thanks to the fantastic Headphonica netlabel from bringing this music to the FMA!

Check out this video for "Oop Shoop;" Gosprom performed the song live at club Jazzter with a clairinetist earlier this year.

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