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“The Underscore Orkestra” (Used 2 times)

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elizalomas on 07/26/2010 at 04:00PM

Bad Panda Records' Eclectic Contribution

Taking note of the successful role of "bears" in the music industry (Panda Bear, Polar Bear, Bearsuit), it seems as though a record label named Bad Panda are already off to a good start. Working as a net-label, they release a song for free-download every Monday under a creative commons license.

Browse through their eclectic collection and take note of the following:

'Gonna Make it Thru' this Year' by Great Lake Swimmers is compelling folk built around the evocatively melancholic vocals of Tony Dekker. The band are known to record in desolote churches and rural hideaways, which lends their music an organic reverb and live intimacy. They excel in capturing the europhic expanse of their Canadian upbringing in gentle folk music.

Contrastingly, 'Pissing About' (Golau Glau's hyper hyper re-mash) by worriedaboutsatan is next generation electronic music. Golau Glau have slowed the original track and added an atmospheric sub-bass. They alienate the echos of unknown creatures, submerging us in a place of future dystopia.

On a different theme altogether, 'Balancing Act' by The Underscore Orkestra, blends swing-jazz with a touch of balkan gypsy folk. Too many genres to comprehend? They blend them seamlessly and brilliantly.

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