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Undeadsloth on 10/12/2017 at 04:16AM

Yes I am still alive by the skin of my teeth

i might be perplexed by my current marked clarity of thought although I suppose I will become accustomed to it.

after years of illness with my fingers unable to move and my tablas gathering dust here my nimble fingers are, flexed strong and supple!

Adam my darling thank you for bringing me back to life with your love and I will meet you in paradise x

This album is dedicated to Adam Paul Nichols 

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ra1n on 04/11/2013 at 01:24PM


Bridge (connecting towards the other end of the horizon)

Today I discovered this website, full of amazing music. (especially music in ambient genre)

The best which I have found is "Discount Fireworks".

The artist has created soothing ambient music which I really like.

- Link to Discount Fireworks:

(my favourite picks of his tracks will be under the bottom of this post)


This blog post will probably not be read by anyone else except me, but it does not matter.

It will act more like an reminder for myself.



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