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herr_professor on 01/25/2011 at 09:40AM

Take This Chip and Shove It

The road of a chip musician is tough and lonely one. People have just enough knowledge of electronic music production techniques to ask questions like "Why not use a plugin", "How did you circuit bend your Gameboy", or "You should remix the theme from Zelda, that song is ace!" All in all, there is a lot of technical and cultural baggage associated with the genre, so it is not unexpected to assume that artists will feel the need to come and go from the pressures of the scene.

A few weeks ago, Sycamore Drive uploaded his self titled EP to the FMA. The tracks are quality Game Boy instrumentals, so it was a shock to hear a few weeks later that he had decided to "quit the scene". If you are a regular of the online scene, particularly the forums you will see similar stories from time to time of lesser known acts and sometimes popular artists deciding to hang it up, and the reasons why are as varied as the artists themselves.

Sometimes they come back, for example chipbreak star Sabrepulse, who has quit (and rejoined) numerous times. The list also includes serveral artists who have "grown beyond" the chip scene, like David SugarMark DenardoCeephax Acid CrewPatric C. and more. In many ways this reminds me of the 80's american hardcore scene, where the first wave of innovators moved on to innovate their sounds in other way while the subsequent waves of fans and enthusiasts quickly codified the loose styles of the originators into a musical dogma.

Here's hoping that this does not become the case in the still young chip scene (even as it heads into its late teens). Checkout these tracks from Sycamore Drive, and see you guys in seven.

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