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Scott_Williams on 08/01/2012 at 02:00PM

Dirty Beaches live on WFMU

Obviously, you start with Suicide.  Then you hit the dusty highway & head backwards, about 15 years.  On the way, you stop at a Howard Johnson's where you pick up smokes and an underage girl.  Leaving, you spot a shoebox on the ground - it's filled with a stranger's snapshots, postcards and love-letters.  You take it, because this will contain your memories.  Heading back to the future, you make a pitstop in downtown NYC ca. 1981, just to wash up.

Now that you've got the basic ingredients for Dirty Beaches, you just need the right chef.  He is Alex Zhang Hungtai, a bi-coastal Canadian of Taiwanese birth and no place of his own.  Though currently, Montreal seems to be doing quite nicely.

Alex and guitarist Shub Roy recently made their first visit to WFMU, and I'm the lucky sumbitch who got to host & record them, while trying not to get drool on their sweet gear.  Korg MS-10 synth!  Ace Tone analog delay!  A homemade fuzz pedal!  Real nice mic too, I forgot to ask what that was.

Anyway, we're all real excited to share their live set with you, including an interview where we learn of other things happening in Montreal, and some upcoming releases, including 2 of Alex's film soundtrack projects.  An Italian horror film!!

Check out the video of their performance, and here's more Dirty Beaches on the FMA.

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Scott_Williams on 01/12/2011 at 05:59PM

Oneida live at WFMU, Three Full Sessions, plus!

PCRZ and farfisa, live in the WFMU Love Room.

Brooklyn's Oneida has long occupied a large engorged chunk of the collective heart of us freeform freaks in Jersey City, so it's with much excitement that we're finally able to share with you three full sets (and then some) that the band has performed over the years on WFMU.  I'll introduce you to the two I was fortunate to host.

Oneida's first appearance, on my show in June 2000, introduced us to their homebrewed blend of minimalist no wave, kraut jams and freedom rock.  Overheated farfisas and squalling guitars collided with the most propulsive and exciting drumming since Keith Moon, while the singers mined the classic lyric canon of rock music.

FMU history buffs take note of the answer to the question "who was the first band to play live on WFMU after 9/11?": Oneida, on my Sept 17, 2001 show.  When you need a heavy fog-lifting and blast of clarity, you call Oneida.  They delivered.  Set opener "To Everything There is a Tyme to Remember Aaliyah" rescued the recently deceased singer from the historical black hole that swallowed Gary Condit and sharks, while "Sheets of Easter" provided the necessary peeling back of the sky and release of a lot of anxious, nervous, just plain bad feeling.  Fittingly, when the radio show was over, the band kept playing, as you'll hear on "Double Lock Your Mind".  This set, by the way, was one of my all-time personal favorite WFMU experiences.

Five years later, Oneida returned yet again, performing on Terre T's Cherry Blossom Clinic, and we've got that set here as well; then there was that amazing collaboration with Alan Vega, doing Suicide's "Rocket USA" at one of our FMA launch shows in October 2007.  Annnnnd, we've got their May 2009 performance on the banks of the ol' Mediteranney, at Barcelona's annual Primavera Sound Festival, recorded and broadcast by WFMU.  Whew... Dig in!

Oneida's artist page on the FMA, containing full downloads of everything discussed in this post, is right here.  Thanks to Oneida and Jagjaguwar for allowing to share this treasure trove.

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