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Music in Australia

Australia is a nation rich in decent variety, socially and geologically, a wealth exemplified in our music which grasps all types and styles, is both saturated with convention, and at the front line of development and experimentation. 


Indigenous Music 



Music and tune are indistinguishable in Indigenous societies and part of unbroken customs going back a large number of years. Music is found in function and critical group movement in all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Cultures. Native songmen are worshipped overseers of the melodies which speak to rich and particular oral customs in every group. Holy and mainstream melodies are additionally essential to Torres Strait island life and can incorporate western style harmonies got from contact with different societies. 


The Australian Government site gives additional data on Indigenous music. 



In the twentieth and 21st centuries, Indigenous artists have assumed an essential part in characterizing Australia's contemporary music personality, in building spans with the more extensive Australian people group, and is currently adding to our social articulation globally. Contemporary indigenous music grasps all classifications from people and roots to blues, shake, pop, hip-bounce, and traditional structures.


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