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Edubirdie_AU on 05/29/2019 at 02:04PM

11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to College

After high school, students are excited to join college. They get wild imaginations of college. Unfortunately, many don’t know what they will find inside the college. Since the decisions you make in college has a great impact on their lives, they come to regret later on. They wish if only they knew. In this article, I will give you 11 things I wish I knew before joining college.

1)     Getting A Student’s Loan Is Not A Good Debt

No loan is good debt. The loan comes with risks, and in most cases, you get stressed up to pay. When you leave college with a pile of student’s loans and start an adult life, you may experience a financial challenge. This is especially if you do not get a job immediately. 

2)     Scholarships

If only I knew about scholarships, I would have lowered the burden of my college fee. It existed when I was in high school much less applying. I only came to know it in my third year, and it helped me with my school fees arrears.

3)     The Choice Of The Course Maters Than The School You Choose

Employers are more interested in the degree you have, other than the degree of a certain institution. Going to expensive institutions that you cannot afford to pay is not justifiable. You can get the same degree at a cheaper college.

4)     How I Could Deal With My Room Mates

Living with someone you know is not easy. Living with a total stranger is even more unimaginable. To be able to live well with your roommate, you require constant communication, and sometimes you have to compromise.

5)     Effects Of Bear And Liquor On My Weight

Beer and liquor contain too many calories. Gaining weight is easy. Alcohol has 97% calories and beer 153 calories. Consuming them increase your weight heavily.

6)     Staying One Step Ahead

Do not procrastinate in college. You need to be organized. Stay ahead of your teacher.

7)     Knowing The Professor

Knowing your professor and letting him know you are important. Ask questions and interact with them. The might connect you to your first job. They will also help you to use plagiarism checker. You can learn more about this tool and discover how you could find professional editors to help you out if you are stuck.

8)     Managing Finances

Learning to manage your finances in college will help you to manage in the future. With a good strategy, you can cut heavily on your cost.

9)     It’s Not Easy To Get True Friends

Lifetime friends are friends you make when in college. It takes time to get one true friend. Interact with many people to increase the chances of getting one.

10)  Knowing And Following My Interests

Know your interest when choosing a degree and follow it. Do not choose a course you will not enjoy.

11)  Taking An Initiative

Take the initiative and grab one of the many opportunities in college. Those opportunities can help you succeed.


Since the decisions you make in college will affect your adult life, you need to be careful. Seek advice before joining college. You will learn how to manage your finances, take advantage of the scholarship, get many friends and interact well with your roommate.

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BeverlySwanger on 03/18/2019 at 05:09PM



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australianwriters on 12/11/2017 at 10:59AM

Music in Australia

Australia is a nation rich in decent variety, socially and geologically, a wealth exemplified in our music which grasps all types and styles, is both saturated with convention, and at the front line of development and experimentation. 


Indigenous Music 



Music and tune are indistinguishable in Indigenous societies and part of unbroken customs going back a large number of years. Music is found in function and critical group movement in all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Cultures. Native songmen are worshipped overseers of the melodies which speak to rich and particular oral customs in every group. Holy and mainstream melodies are additionally essential to Torres Strait island life and can incorporate western style harmonies got from contact with different societies. 


The Australian Government site gives additional data on Indigenous music. 



In the twentieth and 21st centuries, Indigenous artists have assumed an essential part in characterizing Australia's contemporary music personality, in building spans with the more extensive Australian people group, and is currently adding to our social articulation globally. Contemporary indigenous music grasps all classifications from people and roots to blues, shake, pop, hip-bounce, and traditional structures.


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