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“Steve Mackay And The Radon Ensemble” (Used 4 times)

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cheyenne_h on 10/13/2015 at 12:39PM

Remembering Steve MacKay at FMA

As many have heard, saxophonist Steve MacKay recently passed away. A legend in his own right, he is best known for his work with The Stooges, but his career far outlasted the 1970s punk wave. He collaborated with numerous other musicians, including FMA favorite R Stevie Moore.

He was a big fan of WFMU and appeared on Brian Turner's show, and also gave the FMA a few tracks. We've collected them below for you. The track "The Prisoner" features Iggy Pop and was offered to the Free Music Archive by Steve. Special thanks go to Scott Nydegger from Radon Collective who sorted out all the permissions when the song was given to us.

Here's a recent video interview with Steve:

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radonbooking on 02/28/2012 at 05:37PM

Steve MacKay/Sikhara China Tour

STEVE MACKAY The Prisoner (7") b/w United Scum Soundclash: Sevad Kooh - Radon/Soopa/URCK The lead single from the newest album of Steve Mackay is a brooding dirge called "The Prisoner". Fans of Mackay's classic sax work on songs like The Stooges' "Funhouse", will have no problem recognizing the guest vocalist. Mackay also provides the frontal assault on "Sevad Kooh" from "Machine Gun". U.S.S. shatter conventional notions of music with their detailed approach to sound.

Polyglot announces Steve Mackay and the Radon Ensemble/Sikhara China tour dates


March 16 Beijing                                   

@ Hot Cat Club

Steve Mackay and the Radon Ensemble



March 17 Beijing                                    

@ Old What


w/ Xiao Hong & Xiao Xiao Hong,Yan Yulong


March 19 Shanghai                                  

@ Yu Yin Tang

Steve Mackay and the Radon Ensemble



March 29 Xian

Polyglot presents:

Devil Music (Boston, USA)

@ Vice Versa


April 5 Xian                                       


@ Aperture Club


Don't forget to purchase a copy of "Sometimes Like This I Talk" Steve's release on Polyglot!!!

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