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“Spookey” (Used 2 times)

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happypuppyrecords on 10/12/2011 at 11:00AM

Trick Or Treat

A stormy night pushes you to toward a huge and dark house belonging to the reclusive Dr. Slocum, a mysterious genius who converted a closed asylum into an evil labratory, where he hides from the world with his menage of monsters of science.  But the ghosts that haunted the asylum are still there...

Once inside you hear ghostly pianos with no-one playing them, strange moans and cries of terror, floating spirits, dark and empty operating chambers, and more than one dungeon inhabited by abandoned 'experiments'...

Ok, cheesy description aside... always see those "Sounds of Horror" CDs for sale in the shops during Halloween, and most of the time they are of the 'overdoing-it' variety in design.  They are always more comical or cartoony, than actually scary.

So Lee Rosevere designed this nearly 45 minute spooky-suite of truly unsettling and disturbing sounds, free to use for all your Halloween purposes.

Listening on headphones will prove the most rewarding (and creepy) experience, but it's also great for putting in the front window of your house to add eerie ambience during the trick-or-treating hours. 

It is intended for non-commercial use, but if you are holding a charity event and would like to use it, please be our guest.

Happy haunting! 

photo by Shoes On Wires

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