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murmurintemporel on 08/08/2016 at 05:38AM

New Release : Daniel James Dolby - Whole

"Whole" is the second album of Daniel James Dolby for Murmure Intemporel, a dark electronic album using primarily circuit bent and analogue synthesizers, guitar pedals and found sound.

Inspiration was taken from Sci-Fi Horror films of the 1980's.

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murmurintemporel on 06/19/2016 at 10:09AM

New Release : Daniel James Dolby - Grimojo

From UK, Daniel James Dolby is a composer for Film, Television and Games.

Grimojo is a combination of dark ambient and slow jazz composed for a short film of the same name, which uses manipulated found sounds and dark synths to create an oppressive, ominous atmosphere.

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murmurintemporel on 05/30/2016 at 06:51AM


Anno(s) I - IV : the first album of Mondo Corretto  on Murmue Intemporel.

This work is mostly instrumental and oscillates between electronic music, noise and film soundtrack; three musical genres colliding in a parallel process between composition and editing.

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Adrianna_Krikl on 03/14/2016 at 02:00PM

new EP "Sonic Escapes" featuring a bliptronic

Sonic Escapes is an unique, electronic 3-song EP. The inspiration for the EP was drawn from incorporating Bliptronic sounds into each song. A Bliptronic is an inexpensive minimalist, almost toy-like synth that creates simple patterns and retro style sounds. Sonic Escapes releases today on FMA as a free digital download.  The album will be open under a Creative Commons License. I want to encourage listeners to download, utilized and share the music.  I am a female-independent artist from Los Angeles who blends analogue synths, digital software, loops, and samples for a cinematic sound. The Flux Presents declares "Sonic Escapes is audaciously beautiful whilst keeping you engaged throughout." I hope you enjoy a listen.

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whodiniz on 01/04/2016 at 03:01PM

New Album: Balance by Whodiniz

New Album 2016: Balance

New Album for 2016: Balance

This album covers the light the dark, the Ying the Yang,

Balance puts you right in the middle so you can apriciate both sides.

Music plays a big part in balance, the harmonius tones that dipict ones mood.

Like the waves that crash down to sonn subside into carm waters.

Balance is defenatly needed in times like these.

Hope you enjoy the album as much as i did making it.

Its avalable on Bandcamp for £3 only, to help support future productions!

Balance by Whodiniz


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