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solrezza on 04/12/2013 at 05:47PM




(We recommend listening to this program during the night)

“Old disembodied voices from another world without time, no space, no language.”

Dedicated to  everything we do once done leaves belong only time knows no copy rights.

“Short for radio” is an experimental radio series which has a duration of 12 minutes is the result of research based on sound files of the 20′ to 60′ from around the world are on the in the public domain.

“Shorts for radio” is born in late 2011 with the idea of creating a small fragment virtual radio, a piece of experimental radio and sound bites to collect texts that at some point been transmitted from a media such as radio or television. Through these sound bites seek to recreate a new discourse, a play on words, a transformation of language, a gino between composition and radio-style sound, a sigh radio between a virtual world where radio turmoil mutates and languages and meanings come to different senses.

Radio is a medium that takes the form of what it represents, a voice, a sound behind a black curtain, a solitude in the middle of the night, a gaze without eyes. Something that is beyond our reach, but it’s there. Understand something beyond the language of words, a language that extends through the sounds.

Each program contains a description of the files used, all additional sounds were performed and produced entirely by Sol Rezza.

Since this work was conceived from licensed files Public Domain This work is licensed under the same license.

Year: 2012

Produced by: Sol Rezza

To: Panz4 Troupé

Cover design: Daniel Iván

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solrezza on 07/31/2011 at 12:21AM

New album "SPIT" August 12th 2011

one of the must well known Latin-American sound artistes (born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1982), premieres a new conceptual album called “SPIT”.

This artwork is about 47 minutes long; nevertheless, the album includes aswell the 4 parts of the whole (“Paradox”, “Aerangis Confusa”, “Revolution as a Loop”, and ”The Cat”) as separate tracks.

After releasing the “Tiny Truths” album (which contains artworks selected on several international festivals –such as the Netaudio London Festival or the Festival FILE in Brasil– and even auditioned at the London Round House) , Rezza presents an artwork that challenges the conventionalisms of her own previous work.

“SPIT was actually born from its name. From the strength of the word “SPIT”. Also, from an encounter with the lake and with the sounds from the lake and, generally speaking, from the water”. Those sounds, Rezza says, “break all along, like the storm. There’s suddenly an explotion that changes everything. I think we all carry that explotion inside of us ”.

“That confronts the idea of “revolution”; that contemporary, ephemeral, “light” idea of revolution”. The artist states she believes that “revolution is precisely as a storm, a change that doesn’s depends on many people; is an inner change, of one’s own and the surrounding context. And there’s no need to scream it: suddenly a hurricane happens inside you and you want to spit everything”.

SPIT is an album mainly based on modified soundscapes. About it, Sol Rezza explains: “mofified soundscapes is used to enhance the sounds from the original soundscape; they start to tell the tale inside the original soundscape”. The duration of the pieces contained on “SPIT”, the artist explains, respect the original time of the soundscapes.

More info at:

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solrezza on 10/19/2010 at 04:46PM

Sound Spiral

Sound Spiral is a pop-up Sound Art venue, consisting of a 12m-long inflatable structure and embedded 48-channel net-connected sound system pulling-in crowd-sourced audio from around the world. Initially the work will show during summer 2012 and appear at the East Midlands ‘Festival of Festivals’ as part of the UK’s Cultural Olympiad. The following venues have been confirmed, with more in the pipeline : Gainsborough XChurch, April St Paul’s Carnival, Bristol, July Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham August/September “Babel Spring” the system’s inaugural piece by Sound Artist Amie Slavin will see the space filled with the languages of the world united through prose to celebrate and overcome difference in creating a piece of new music blending disparate voices into a harmonic whole. Sound Spiral is designed from the beginning to be transportable, self-contained and capable of being setup pretty-much anywhere. The entire system will fit in a typical white van requiring only 2 people to install, and will go from delivery to running in a morning. The legacy intention of the project is to reduce the cost of bringing innovative large-scale Sound Art pieces and events to new audiences by providing both venue and playback hardware in one easy to manage, flexible rig. Originator, Lead Artist & Project Director : Amie Slavin ‘Babel Spring’ prose originator : Tanya Myers Prose Editor : Thomas Forrest Technical Director : Daz Disley Consulting Composer : Duncan Chapman Hardware / Infrastructure : Cameron Balloons, HI-Q Sound Systems Programmer : Duncan Parsons 2nd Recordist : Simon Whetham Visual Consultant : Janis Bowley Lighting Designer : Kieran Stirrock Associate Artists : Simo & Tuika Alitalo Sol Rezza Andrew Allen Ainslie Prose selection Panel : Sue Arnold, Audio Book Reviewer,The Guardian Ian Macrae, Editor, Disability Now Magazine Denis Tingay, Clinical Editor, BMJ Paul Sutherland Editor Dreamcatcher Magazine Jenny Clarkson, poet and short story writer Faye Cheung, clever creature and all-round sweetheart Project Partners : African Voices Forum BBC Radio Cymru Bristol Muslim Cultural Society Bristol City Council Cornish Language Partnership CultureBox, Nottingham Yumi York Gaelic Language Centre, Islay Gypsy & Traveller Community Bristol IMP.Art Community Arts, Lincoln Lincolnshire County Council Additionally, thanks to the following supporters for helping to get the project rolling during its 21-month gestation : Kirsty Halliday (NYMAZ), Scott McLaughlin (CeReNeM), Becca Laurence (Sound and Music) Marcus Coates, Graham Dunning, Stuart Russell (Colchester New Music), Susi Mulligan (Wolds Collective), Marcus & Hilary Hammond (Slum Gothic), Nick (Cameron’s), Mark (Hi-Q), Matt (XL), Rita Hunter (GLC), Elizabeth Stewart (CLP), Owain Williams (BBC), Forward Maisokwadzo, (AVF), Rizwan Ahmed (BMCS), Ian Holding (GTCB), Vicky Crump (LCC), Marion Sander (IMP.Art) Shona Powell (Lakeside), Carmen (St Paul’s), Amanda Roberts (MAC)

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electronicmusik on 02/15/2010 at 05:42PM

Fonik - New Instrumental Usage (Em089)

Part of the Electronic Musik back catalogue originally released in 2007 as a limited edition cdr.

Free download here

Features two improvisations with Pascal Nichols (Part the Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides).

Harry Gallimore - electronics

Ian Simpson - prepared lapsteel

Pascal Nichols - percussion

Track one was recorded with microphones outside the circle, track two recorded with microphones within the circle.


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electronicmusik on 02/15/2010 at 05:25PM

Fonik - Scatter Graph (Em092)

Previously available as a limited edition cdr from Electronic Musik.Recorded in St Brides Church, Liverpool UK as part of a Frakture Concert in 2007.

The piece was completely improvised. The piece starts very, very quietly so dont be deceived when playing on this page that nothing is there !

Download Fonik - Scattergraph here

Digitally recorded by Harry Gallimore.

Harry Gallimore - electronicsIan Simpson - prepared

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