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philthegeek on 10/16/2016 at 10:43AM

Nuovissimo Corso Pianoforte e Songwriting: Speciale Teenagers

Songwriting (e musica in genere) per teenagers! Felice di annunciare nel mio sito ufficiale un nuovissimo corso, a Padova, ma con possibilità di estensione anche a Vicenza, interamente dedicato alla scrittura di canzoni per giovani e giovanissimi. Informazioni direttamente sul sito.

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ange on 12/03/2012 at 10:00AM

Color: The Ultimate Concept Album Concept

Monk Turner is a proud defender of the concept album, and has shared many of these projects here, including Songs About Emergencies and Songs About Location. Turner's concept album #23 (!) called Kaleidoscope brings together over 40 artists from all over to explore the many shades of color with a new creative depth, united by his special brand of his Costello-inspired catchy pop.

Of course the color concept album isn't a new concept. I mean, who didn't exhaustively play their college radio station's only copy of Ken Nordine's Colors until the other DJs complained? In that album, Nordine uses Word Jazz to explore Chartreuse's bad case of wanderlust, Maroon's rhyme-ability, and Purple's royal pomp. It was listening to this album that I first discovered what makes concept albums so great. At their best, they use a creative focus to sonically reveal secret hues and tones of the physical world. 
Turner's Kaleidoscope has that very effect. Listen close and you'll learn that Magenta is a princess that needs saving, Green is the color of free, White is humble yet illuminating, and Blue is, as always, all about feeling.
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