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elizalomas on 08/29/2010 at 09:00AM

From LDN to L.A - Bare Girls and Snorlax

With the past couple of year's music blogs cramming their tags with genres like 'experimental hip-hop', 'chillwave' and the slightly confusing 'post-dubstep', eager readers such as myself were beginning to lose track of the ever-evolving strands of sounds and accumulating artists. As often happens, there comes a point when buzz-words become a tad stale. This is especially relevant when trying to define the eclectic and miscellaneous sounds coming out of the Brainfeeder, Werkdiscs and Hotflush labels, for example.

As your senses are bombarded with myraid sounds of harmonious paranoia and ambiguous samples, it is often fruitless to try and compulsively classify what you are hearing.

Despite this, it is still possible to pin down one aspect of the scene. We can still trace the abstract sound of a city, and in this torpeeding branch of genres, there is no denying that L.A and London have been steadily weaving the inventive chaos in their distinct but important ways.

To pay homage to the cities, here are two young artists - Bare Girls (LDN) and Snorlax (L.A) from each that have grown up immersed in an entirely different upbringing of sound, and yet subtely overlap in this year's cross-boundried, post-everything, solid gold sound.

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