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“Slot B” (Used 1 time)

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karash_nikol on 01/20/2014 at 03:59AM

Music & sound design for the "Reveal Playstation 4 " 's fake teaser (may 2013 )


We made a little joke for all the geeks of the world last year with some friends and that was fun !


I've made the Sound design & the music with the video team "Slot B" in France for the creation of a PS4's fake teaser (1,4 million sight on You tube in 2 days!) 

A lot of people who watched it was thinking it was the real commercial for anouncing the venue of the famous console !


Here's the video who pushed Sony to deny his paternity ( for real, LOL) : 


...and the reveal of the joke :          


***original  version of the track  available here : 

ready for action (original version) by Karash Nikol

<a href="" data-mce-href="">ready for action (original version) by Karash Nikol</a>

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