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radonbooking on 04/14/2015 at 02:26AM

DI KANG Debut 'TraiTriotT' new from Scott Nydegger and company...

DI KANG - "TraiTrioT"

New project from the 'Indus-tribal' Nomadic Mad Men who brought you the pounding sonic assaults of Sikhara....

Nydegger, Drumure, Paternostro, & McAllister....... reliant not only on primal screaming, Scott Nydegger issues forth biting jabs of aggressive, political, lyric & rhyme, over top a brutal yet precise production of metal percussion, sequenced machines, hand drums, trap sets, bass guitars, horns, winds, and an array of noise both nuanced and overwrought...... DI KANG.

DI KANG means 'RESIST'...... "TraiTrioT" is about the increasing surveillance abuses of the post-9/11 Imperial Republic of North Amerikkka, the growing tyranny, and the rebellion on the streets, on the wires and screens, and in the minds and from the 'voices of many'......... you should blast this shit, like they do in the future.....

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radonbooking on 05/07/2012 at 02:59PM

Sikhara's "Dong Tian" Available on FMA as net release

Scott Nydegger and Dave Howard (not pictured) on the Ninth Wave Mobile recording DAW for the cut "Dong Tian"

Ninth Wave Projects presents:

SIKHARA – “Dong Tian” / “冬天”

On line release


  In March, Sikhara made a series of concerts across China.  The duo of Scott Nydegger and Dave Howard were joined by collaborators including Steve Mackay, Nojiji collective, Chachy Englund, John Meyers and Xiao Di.

  While in Xi’an putting the finishing touches on an upcoming ep, Sikhara recorded a session in a construction site, while hammers and saws blared from the floor below. 

  “Dong Tian” is a bleak and minimal track produced by Ninth Wave’s mobile studio, with vocals in the Chinese language.  It serves as a documentation of this period in Sikhara’s unique musical voyage.   

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BTurner on 01/13/2010 at 12:45PM

Radon 10th Anniversary bash on WFMU

Images_albums_Sikhara_-_Radon_10th_Anniversary_Jam_-_20100106122136638.w_290.h_290.m_crop.a_center.v_top Years ago I first came in contact with the Radon label via my pal Marlon, hearing a live set by Italian avant-rock composer Daniele Brusachetto, learning about his fellow countrymen OvO and then finally being sent a pile of CDs (mostly samplers) from the transient Radon head Scott Nydegger coupled with frequent correspondences enthusiastically talking about the state of experimental music made us fast friends. As I got familiar with the many facets of this label, Scott made sure that I was introduced to everyone in his orbit, and what really impressed me most is that Radon dealt with its business and artists unlike few others. Everyone was scattered around the world, because Scott just floated around meeting people and putting the music out from wherever he was (as opposed to working out of an office and dealing with the biz); anyone who shared the vision was invited in and were all friends. Fractured breakcore from Ripit, industrial tubthumping from Sikhara (Scott's outfit), introspective psychedelic drone from Fabrizio Polumbo under the name (r), and glorious ascensions from Steve Mackay (saxman then and now for Iggy and the Stooges) all intermingled under the Radon umbrella.

Through the years quite a few units of the stable has landed in the WFMU studios on various shows; Mackay put out an LP backed by some heavyweight improvisers on Qbico called Tunnel Diner culled from sessions on my show and Acapulco Rodriguez's as well (some MP3's here). Koonda Holaa, aka Kamilsky, is an eccentric Czech ex-pat who holed up for years in the high Mojave and also visited FMU (check him out on the Free Music Archive, he's terrific) and actually landed surreal opening slot for the Stooges in Moscow a few years back. Now, Radon takes a break, but to celebrate a good decade, Scott invited me down to Jason LaFarge's Seizures Palace studio in Brooklyn (in the cavernous Gowanus space where Martin Bisi also made all those great Lydia Lunch, Sonic Youth and Swans records) and we recorded a full on American/Portuguese summit jam of Sikhara, HHY & Drums of Habnom and United Scum Soundclash. It's a gorgeous, free-flowing hour of microscopic sounds, Neubauten-esque tribal percussion blowouts, scabby sampling and a simple celebration of the joy of free sound in a gigantic room. I aired the program on December 29th, but you can grab this session below.

Please also boogie over to the Free Music Archive's Radon offerings. Much excellence to be found. Somewhat saddened to hear of the label's hiatus, but other imprints like Soopa and Urck seem to be picking up some of the slack with a similar level of vision and social circles.

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